Shoffy played at the Middle East Upstairs Thursday. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

There’s something about Thursday night concerts that make me so happy. Whether it’s because they can make a great end to a week or there’s a magical aura associated with Thursdays, these shows never fail to impress me.

This past Thursday, Shoffy played an intimate show at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub. After playing a sold out show in New York the night before, Alex Shofler, the man behind Shoffy, serenaded the crowd in Cambridge.

The opener, luhx., a four-person band from Boston, brought a funky vibe to the venue. Each member of the band had a unique style and sound that blended together effortlessly. Their songs were composed of mixtures of piano licks, groovy guitar riffs and ridiculously good drum fills. They played of handful of their songs, including “hung up.” “more.” and “no rush.” They also performed a mash-up of a bunch of songs that had the words “need you” in them, lulling the crowd with hits from The Chainsmokers and Rihanna. They also blessed the audience with free stickers after the show.

The environment was intimate and relaxed, with about 25 people in attendance, which was absolutely wonderful.

Local band luhx. opened for Shoffy on Thursday at the Middle East Upstairs. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Shoffy continued with some of his more popular songs, including “Motions” and “Different Skies.” Most of the tracks he played were from his new album, but some were released over the past two years as singles. Throughout the show, more and more people in the audience started to sing along and dance. Shoffy ended the show with “Takes My Body Higher,” a track that has more than 50 million plays on Spotify alone. During the show, he moved between playing his guitar, singing and using tracks that he produced himself.

Shoffy mentioned that all of his tracks are produced by himself, attempting to keep his music laid-back, meaningful and soulful all while staying mainly electronic.

After the show, Shoffy spent some time talking to his fans. He asked about how most of them found out about his music, revealing his genuine interest in his fans. Shoffy is definitely going places and it was an absolute honor to see this show on his first tour.