Halloween doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR USER LIZ WEST

It’s 6 p.m. on Oct. 31 and you’re in a hysterical panic. Once again, you have failed to plan your Halloween costume ahead of time. I know this feeling, and it’s the worst. You want to look good and have an awesome costume, but the party starts in 3 hours and you are still in your PJs. Well, the good news is, I’m here to help you avoid that situation and alleviate the stress of Halloween with six easy but still cute costumes for $20 or less.  


1. Kim Possible

This costume is ridiculously easy, but still super cute and composed of things you probably already have in your closet. To be Kim, all you need is a black tee, green pants, some boots, and a brown belt. You can add some black fingerless gloves if you’re feeling fancy. This is a creative yet cheap costume that will have everyone reminiscing about when Disney Channel was actually good.


2. Vampire

This one is probably the easiest on the list, and requires no extra purchases whatsoever, unless you want to add some fake fangs. Basically, just dress up as yourself, but the vampire version. You can wear a regular outfit, maybe just with some darker colors, and do some vampire-esque makeup. Add a bite mark and some fake blood around your mouth and you have a last-minute, free halloween costume that can look totally awesome if you put some work into it.  


3. Cruella de Vil

This one is probably my favorite on the list because it’s original and actually pretty easy to put together. To be the iconic Disney villain, all you need is a little black dress, pearls, black heels, red gloves and some white faux fur (either a jacket or scarf will work fine). A fake cigarette really completes the look if you want to be authentic. Fake pearls and red gloves are relatively cheap at a party store, and Target and Forever 21 sell cheap fake fur.   


4. Netflix and Chill

This costume is for all you “punny” people out there, and is great if you want to dress up with a friend. One of you wears a red top that says “Netflix” (iron-on letters or simply a piece of paper with the logo works) and the other person wears a blue top that says “chill.” Walk around together and your costume is sure to get some laughs.


5. Nancy Drew

The “Nancy Drew” novels were my favorite when I was younger, so I’m seriously considering dressing up as her for Halloween. In classic preppy schoolgirl style, this costume requires a plaid skirt, polo shirt, and cardigan to wrap around your shoulders. Carry around a magnifying glass to really drive home the point you are a detective and not just a regular schoolgirl. Stick to pastel colors to give off the true Nancy Drew vibe. It’s absolutely adorable and pretty original.


6. Pink Lady

This one is one of my favorite costumes that I always intend to dress up as but never get around to. It’s super simple but a classic. And who doesn’t love “Grease”? It only requires one purchase: the Pink Ladies Jacket. It can be found for relatively cheap on Amazon. Just dress in all black with the jacket, and put on your best Pink Lady attitude. You can add some 1950s-inspired shades and a pink scarf to really look the part.