Girl power and good vibes filled the air at the TD Garden Friday night as American artist Halsey performed alongside British singer-songwriter Charli XCX and Canadian rapper PartyNextDoor. The three musicians joined forces for the third show of Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom world tour. From start to finish, fans sang along, cameras out and hands up. Each act transitioned smoothly into the next, adding onto the concert’s atmosphere right where the other left off.

This is what I like to call “show flow.” I’ve attended many concerts where the opening act plays a genre that is pretty much the polar opposite of the main act’s. In other words, the artists simply don’t go well with one another, like having a screamo act open up for a jazz band. This leads to a mixed feeling about the concert instead of a positive one because there is a disruption in the night’s flow. However, the right opening act can make all the difference.

The night kicked off with Charli XCX performing six of her multitude of worldwide hits, including “I Love It” (with Icona Pop), “Boys”, “Fancy” (with Iggy Azalea), and “Boom Clap.” XCX’s set lasted for about a half hour, and then she met fans for more than an hour by a concession stand outside the main room.


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It’s common knowledge that every Charli XCX song is a pop banger infused with feminism, a catchy chorus and a punk attitude. XCX’s set acted as somewhat of a teaser to Halsey’s set, as many of Halsey’s songs also have to do with girl power. By giving the audience a taste of the main act’s sound, Charli helped to build the excitement and make the entire night a whole lot better.



PartyNextDoor took the stage next and performed a handful of his songs, including “Recognize,” “Break From Toronto” and “Right Now.” PartyNextDoor’s set also acted as somewhat of a teaser to Halsey’s R&B style. The audience’s hype continued to build as they danced and cheered, anxiously awaiting for Halsey to take the stage.

Halsey graced through her set, going through multiple costume changes, doing intricate dance routines with her outstanding backup dancer, using stunning visuals to accompany her music, and singing with fierce passion. By the time Halsey began to sing the first song, the crowd was ready because the openers did their job right. Halsey performed many songs from both her first and second albums, including “Castle,” “Bad at Love,” “Now or Never,” “Gasoline” and many more fan favorites.


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Halsey’s show production was beautifully orchestrated. Every part of her set had fans cheering in wonder as they watched Halsey do her thing. One of the coolest parts of her show was when she went onto the B-Stage to perform “Lie” and “Don’t Play” with water on the stage. It takes immense talent to have such an energetic drive like her, going back and forth between stages and performing for two whole hours.


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Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor will be supporting the entirety of Halsey’s North American installment of her tour. So, all you fans out there attending are in for an unforgettable night.