Once you’ve spent a good amount of time on campus, you’ll probably notice that almost everyone has stickers on their laptops. The types of stickers, the themes and the way they are thrown on the computer can say a lot about a person. Here’s some of my professional* insight on what your laptop stickers say about you.

The stickers on your laptop can reveal a lot about who you are. PHOTO BY ALIA AL-CHALABI/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF


Are the stickers on the case or on the laptop?

A lot can be said about a person if they just throw the stickers on the actual laptop instead of on one of those hard plastic shells. People that put them on the shells care about using the laptop without the stickers and put a lot of thought into making sure whatever they choose to put on their expensive machines isn’t permanent. People that just go for it have decided that this is what they’re going to see every day for at least the rest of their college careers. Talk about being bold.


Methods of applying

If the person’s stickers follow a pattern, run away. They care way too much about what their laptop represents. If they are just organized, have no fear, because they probably just have their life together. If they’re thrown everywhere, overlap and are generally messy, they probably just figured out that jamming as many stickers as possible on there is pretty cool, and why not, because who is going to judge a 20-something student on their laptop stickers? Maybe the person writing this article?


Themes (or lack thereof)

Passion is a good thing and if you’re like me, your laptop is covered in ski stickers (that’s the coolest theme possible, FYI). Different approaches are also welcome. For example, a BU clubs theme is cool because now you know what the person is involved in at school. Stickers about where you’re from are also cool because you might have just broken the ice with someone sitting next to you in class. TV stickers, movies, coffee shops, you name it, can be a quick introduction of yourself. If you don’t have a theme, that just means you like a lot of different things, which is awesome too. Sometimes you have a theme and don’t even realize because there’s just so much stuff on it.


Overall, laptop stickers are a fun way to express yourself and it’s great to do whatever you want with them. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because even without a laptop cover, most stickers come off pretty easily.

*I’m not actually a professional. I just take pride in the stickers on my laptop.