While most U.S. presidents in the past have kept diaries during their presidency, number 45 has decided to take a more modern approach towards documenting his years in the White House. President Donald Trump has turned to Twitter to comment on events concerning the United States and its affairs. Via Twitter, Trump has delivered PSAs and vital information about policy changes in addition to attacks on those who oppose his political viewpoints. One way Trump has taken aim at his haters is by blocking them, so that they can’t see his tweets. While some found light in the president’s passive aggression, others took a more serious tone towards his action.


1. Stephen King

An avid commentator on the Trump administration, the horror writer frequently commented on Trump’s regime prior to Trump blocking King on Twitter. Rest assured, J.K. Rowling promised to keep Stephen King in the know about Trump’s latest Twitter debacles.


2. Holly O’Reilly

An organizer of the #MarchForTruth movement, O’Reilly called Trump out for his alleged ties to Russia during the presidential campaign. Unlike others, this songwriter did not take too kindly to Trump blocking her on Twitter. Following being banned, O’Reilly and others are suing Trump for blocking them because they deem it unconstitutional.


3. Laura Packard

As a Democratic political consultant, Laura Packard is familiar with the world of politics and political speak. Often criticizing Trump on his policies rather than his actions, Packard’s tweets hit Trump hard on his reforms and proposed repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Packard is living with stage 4 cancer and found offense in the president’s block as it is symbolic of him ignoring the concerns of the American citizens.


4. Chrissy Teigen

Known for her outlandish and relatable tweets, model Chrissy Teigen followed in line with many celebrities in being blocked by Trump. Teigen has been a critic of Trump for years, and his presidency only worsened the sass in her tweets towards him.


5. Rosie O’Donnell

The antithesis of a Trump supporter, O’Donnell has spent years feuding with Trump over his offensive comments in the past. Earlier in July, the feud continued onto Twitter when Trump blocked her after she poked fun at the scandal surrounding his alleged ties with Russia. Despite being blocked, O’Donnell continues to tweet about 45 even if she cannot directly address him anymore.


A blue check next to your name means nothing for POTUS when it comes to blocking. These more low-profile Twitter users have also been banned from viewing President Trump’s tweets, but they don’t seem to be worried. Following the #BlockedByTrump Twitter hashtag, these are a few of the many unverified Twitter users who have also been blocked by the president.


6. Danny Lenihan

Entrepreneur and stand-up comedian Danny Lenihan seems to find great pride in Trump blocking him.


7. Jolene Sugarbaker

For this award-winning chef, an absence of Trump tweets makes Twitter a better place.


8. Michael J. Verrone

This individual is honored to have officially been #BlockedByTrump.


9. @sherahViVa

The number of followers a user has does not seem to be part of the criterion for who will be blocked by the POTUS either.


10. @FreedomCarrot

Even vegetables are being blocked by Trump.


#BlockedByTrump is the new wave, but some are questioning whether this is unconstitutional, as select citizens are banned from viewing what the president says. Either way, Donald Trump shows no signs of slowing down with blocking.