Everyone hates quizzes, but everyone loves Buzzfeed quizzes. Over the years, I’ve developed a system for determining what constitutes a good Buzzfeed quiz, and what makes a boring one. Click on the links below for fast access to five of the most entertaining Buzzfeed quizzes. Get ready to waste some time and get to know yourself a little better.

Buzzfeed quizzes are strangely addicting. PHOTO COURTESY OF TECH IN ASIA


  1.    Which Disney Princess are You?

Princess Fiona, Princess Cinderella, Princess Jasmine … the answer to this unknown-yet-essential part of your self-knowledge is just a few clicks away. Thanks to this quiz, you can live the rest of your days assured that your inner Disney Princess believes in you. Take this quiz for a fun carpet ride adventure.


  1.    Are you actually a hipster?

There’s no cheating on this hipster quiz. Here’s a sneak peek: do you own an Arctic Monkeys shirt? You’re a hipster. Have you ever actually listened to the Arctic Monkeys besides their two famous songs? You’re super hipster.


  1.    What type of emoji are you?

Do emojis stress you out more than they help you? Do you spend hours trying to find the perfect emoji to convey the emotion of the message you’re trying to send? Well it’s your lucky day, because this quiz will determine exactly which emoji fits your personality. Find out what you actually are on the inside. Before you shed a tear from cuteness, I just want to say that it’s okay. I did too.


  1.    Is it time to pee?

What can I say? BuzzFeed asks the important stuff. Cheers.


  1.    We know a book you’ll love based on your favorite novel as a teen

Any “Bridge to Terabithia” fans in the house? “Holes”? The “Magic Treehouse”? Okay, okay, how about “Twilight” fans —specifically, Team Edward?