When I was a little kid, I would coordinate my scrunchie to my super cute jumpsuit for the day. I was three years old in the iconic picture of me in my pink jumpsuit and matching pink scrunchie on the oceanside boardwalk near my hometown. I couldn’t imagine giving up my perfect accessory until I got a little older and became aware that scrunchies were “totally out,” as the cool kids said.

The writer (right), age 3, modeling her favorite pink outfit. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALIA AL-CHALABI

Even from a young age I liked to cling to trends as long as possible and fail in my attempts to make them cool again, but it wasn’t until I was much older that I just stopped caring about what people thought and gained the confidence to rock my outfits however I wanted. Yet I feel like the scrunchie was something I had a tough time giving up. It was so comfortable, I could do a high ponytail without giving myself a headache, and the variety of colors made it all the more fun.

My mom threw them all out one day when I was redoing my room because I was getting too old for the princess paintings on my wall. I didn’t give it a second thought, since I was 13, but looking back on this and scrolling through all the pictures of my childhood I couldn’t help but think, why did I throw them out?

So here I am, almost 20 years old rocking my scrunchie in a way too high ponytail because scrunchies are totally cool again, and if not, who cares? Not only is this trend my favorite one to re-surface, along with leggings (thanks ‘80s), I can’t help but get sad thinking that a lot of people actually missed this trend.

Am I being dramatic about a rubber band? Maybe, but this fashion-forward trendsetting hair piece is not only a comfier way to put you hair up, but holds memories of some of my favorite days as a little tot sitting on the beach. Remember that sometimes all you need to make your day is to do something that reminds you of your childhood, so rock your favorite childhood trend and never look back.