Apple made some major announcements in their Keynote presentation on Sept. 12 in the new Steve Jobs Theater. Among them was the announcement of the iPhone 8, Apple’s latest iteration of their ever popular iPhone line. Except, it isn’t really their latest iteration. That title would belong to the iPhone X, announced just shortly after the 8. The fact that the iPhone 8 is not the latest and greatest from Apple means it will almost certainly be underwhelming. Here’s why.


The new iPhone 8 will pale in comparison to the iPhone X. PHOTO BY JACKIE O’BRIEN/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

The new iPhone 8 will pale in comparison to the iPhone X. PHOTO BY JACKIE O’BRIEN/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

The iPhone 8 Is a Great Device

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come packed with new features, most notably an upgraded camera, and the same A11 Bionic processor that comes in the iPhone X. That stands to be one of the most powerful processors ever used in a smartphone. A glass back capable of wireless and faster charging, rounds out the new improvements. The improvements over the iPhone 7 aren’t huge, but they will likely be enough for most people without an iPhone 7 to consider an upgrade. The iPhone 8’s increased specs, especially in the camera and processing departments, ensure the device will be ready for the future as people demand more and more from their phones.


The iPhone X Is Even Better

No matter how you slice it, the iPhone X is Apple’s latest and greatest device and that is exactly what the company has thrived off of for years now. For Apple, innovation is everything. Their reputation is built on having the most cutting-edge devices, and although some features on the iPhone X have been in Android devices for years, the X is a decidedly big change for iPhones. The X pairs all the features of the iPhone 8 with an all new edge to edge OLED screen that Apple promises is the best any iPhone has ever had. The new flagship model also ditches the home button entirely, opting to use facial recognition and touch gestures to unlock the phone. Battery life in the X will be about two hours longer than the 7, thanks to the all new design. All of this is crammed into a phone that is only slightly larger than the regular iPhone 8.

For all intents and purposes, the iPhone X is the show stopper for this next cycle of Apple smartphones. All the headlines were made by the X, and all the reviews and hype will center around it too. The iPhone X is the future of the iPhone line and anyone who wants to be a part of that is going to feel compelled to buy the X. Apple loyalists are often driven to have the latest and greatest phone, and I believe the sales of the X versus the 8 will reflect that. The X is supposed to be released in limited in quantities which is an interesting concept for Apple.

While all the focus is on the X, you might be able to score quite the deal with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. You can get almost exactly the same phone as the X without the same huge screen for $300 less, or $200 less if you go with the 8 Plus. Those savings come with a more familiar experience with the 8. The home button, touch ID, and a familiar form factor might compel you to stick with the 8 series for another cycle. The best part is, the iPhone 8 launched just a few days ago and are readily available now, while others will almost certainly have to wait. Even if you decide to sit out this cycle of new iPhones, something tells me there might be another even more powerful, shinier iPhone come next September.