Thankfully, on-campus housing almost always provides students with a bed, desk, lamp, dresser — the bare necessities. Living off campus, however, comes with its own protocol. After purchasing bed sheets, toiletries, snow gear and so on, our college student budgets are pretty tight (my intake of ramen noodle dinners has exponentially increased since starting college). After these purchases come the desire to personalize our own space. Thankfully, with the school year still in its beginning stages, many stores (online and brick and mortar) are still selling décor for your space. Keep on reading for five inexpensive additions that you may want to buy for your new off-campus space.

Many students need to spruce up their off-campus apartments. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Many students need to spruce up their off-campus apartments. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS


  1.     A bean bag chair

Uh huh. For about the same price as dining out two times, you can buy a statement bean bag chair that will instantly lighten up and brighten your room (and your mood), as well as serve you well.


  1.     A clothing rack

More often than not, students have way too many clothes for the space they’ve been given. For just under $15, you can make your room incredibly cheap and exponentially roomier with only a few clicks.


  1. A dart board

Why not make your room a place for sleep, studying and dart-boarding? For just $30, you can keep your friends who showed up before you were ready entertained with your awesome new dartboard.


  1. A rug

For just $20, both your feet and your room will feel much more cozy. Walking barefoot will be more comfortable, and the room’s overall vibe will feel a little more homey.


  1. A banner

Cute banners and tapestries can range from super cheap to ridiculously expensive. Luckily, you can find hundreds with a little help from the internet (or I should say, Amazon and Urban Outfitters). It will be one of the first things you and your guests see when they walk into your room. Get one that you really like and your room will have much more character.