Just as all millennials are in constant debate on who the better Sprouse twin is, Instagram users are divided into two groups: rinsta (“real” Instagram) and finsta (“fake” Instagram). Your rinsta is your public and most likely aesthetic profile — the handle you give out on meeting people for the first time. Finsta, on the other hand, is quite literally a whole other account.

A finsta is both a fun and safe space. It’s a hub for things like venting, talking about the small or big things that made your day unique, posting legendary pictures from a night out in Allston or just sharing memes to give your followers a good laugh. What attracts people to finsta is its intimacy.

It’s comforting to have a small, set audience of friends who you can overshare with. This used to be the atmosphere for Snapchat, but ever since the app became a mainstream social media site, it lost its sense of privacy. Now, many Snapchat users find themselves with tons of people on their friends list that they don’t exactly know well. So, finsta plucks your closest friends from your Instagram, puts them in little barstools at a cozy coffee shop’s open mic and returns that feeling of intimacy.

Interested in making a finsta for yourself? Here are some steps on how to create your own account:

  1. Create a clever username. Think of an inside joke between you and your friends, or just words that your name can fit into. The more inside joke-oriented, the better.
  2. Decide what kind of finsta you want to have. A satirical account, full-fledged venting account, etc. — the possibilities are endless. Then, you can organize your followers list like a wedding guest list (except maybe a little more exclusive).
  3. Write a witty bio. The bio is your chance to really show new followers what they’re getting themselves into.
  4. Choose a profile picture that captures your essence. Does a mid-chew candid of you eating at the GSU do you justice? Or how about a pic of your favorite celebrity, crying? The options are endless.

Now, you’re ready to post. If you’re in need of some inspiration for what to put up on that brand new finsta, here’s a handful of examples:



The only text you want to receive.


That’s what these desks are for, right?


Extra points for posts about pets.



I’m sure we can all relate to this one.



Four words: in memes we trust.

Craving some food for thought? Here you go: Maybe our finstas are actually our rinstas, because they more accurately represent who we are as people.