Tis the season for sweaters, boots and strong winds. The time for reflection, crisp air and peace is upon us, and to commemorate this sweet period of autumnal bliss, here’s a playlist sure to get you into the fall spirit.


The Arctic Monkeys make some nice fall-themed music. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Arctic Monkeys make some nice fall-themed music. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

“Over Everything” by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

Upon the impending release of their new collaborative album, “Lotta Sea Lice,” Barnett and Vile take their alternative folk styles on an adventure in this new single. The two artists bounce off each other in harmonic accord, creating an earthy autumnal sound with spacey guitar strums and references to the outdoors.


“Cornerstone” by Arctic Monkeys

“Cornerstone” grapples with the pain of dealing with a lost love who seems to exist around every corner. The airy nature of the chords juxtapose with the heavy bassline, delivering a song fit for the season of gentle decay and melodrama.


“High and Dry” by Radiohead

Although Radiohead is fit for any time of year, “High and Dry” makes a perfect addition to this fall soundtrack. Fit for a long walk along the Charles River Esplanade or peaceful study time in your spot of choice, this 1995 classic navigates a tale of neglect, but in a moderately upbeat fashion.


“The Breeze” by Dr. Dog

Stand outside, close your eyes and feel the breeze. Marking a turn in the playlist, Dr. Dog sings about taking a break and simply living life in the moment. Spreading a Ferris Bueller-esque message, “The Breeze” is a song that reminds us to stop and enjoy the course of the ever-changing nature surrounding us.


“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

This timeless Neil Young song is perhaps why fall is so heavily regarded as “cuffing season.” Speaking strictly on love and seamless passion, Neil Young’s gentle voice coupled with a strong female harmony in the chorus makes “Harvest Moon” a love song for the ages.


“Last Words of a Shooting Star” by Mitski

A song for the colder, more introspective days of fall, “Last Words of a Shooting Star” does not lack in solace. Smoothly transitioning from verse to verse in a poetic melody, Mitski couples her airy vocals with a somber instrumental background.


“Best Part” by Daniel Caeser (feat. H.E.R.)

Although all of Daniel Caesar’s newest album, “Freudian,” warrants a listen during a cool October night, “Best Part” stands alone in its beauty. With lyrics like “You’re the coffee that I need in the morning,” Caesar’s hit is a quintessential love song, fit for those looking to sprout new relations during a season of romantic bliss.


“Darn that Dream” by Gerry Mulligan

Darn that dream, indeed. This smooth jazz piece is a conversation between a distressed trumpet and calming saxophone and does not lack in melodrama. Could this be a tale between two friends? Lovers? Enemies? The basis of the conversation is left up to interpretation, but it is undeniable that “Darn that Dream,” full of harmonic dissonance, is a song comparable to the brilliant and soothing nature of fall.


“Just Sayin’/I Tried” by The Internet

Relaxing, vibrant and crisp are three characteristics of both fall and The Internet. Off their 2016 album, “Ego Death,” “Just Sayin/I Tried” tells two tales — one flipping the bird at an ungrateful ex, the other reeling in melancholy for a lost love.