It’s almost the end of September, which means that summer is sadly coming to an end. Personally, I am super excited for fall. I love the way the leaves change color, all the fun fall activities and especially drinking warm lattes. One thing that I always struggle with, however, is transitioning my summer wardrobe for fall. Every year, I try to master this art of seamlessly creating looks that function in the warmer days of fall where it still feels like summer, without wearing a cute, summery dress. Here are some tips that I have come across to make your clothing transition a little bit easier, especially for a college student.

Soon, the leaves will start changing colors and the air will get colder. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Soon, the leaves will start changing colors and the air will get colder. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY


Layer up!

This is probably the most important tip that I have to share. I like to wear a cute jacket or cardigan over a classic tee or tank top in September just in case I get a little too warm walking to class or too cold while I’m sitting in lecture. Layers are your best friend this month, as you can still wear your favorite summer tops but start to tone them down as October arrives. 


Change colors

We all know that in the summer, most people reach for fun, bright colors to display in their wardrobe. However, the current fall colors seem to be natural, darker colors. By starting to incorporate those types of colors, the transition from summer to fall clothes will be so much easier. Start sooner rather than later!


Pick out your pants

Cool, patterned pants are very in right now, and I think they are the perfect option for fall. Many fashion icons are pairing their light pants with a crop top or short sleeve top. It is also as simple as wearing longer sleeves when it is chillier. Use your current wardrobe to your advantage. 


Embrace the denim skirt trend

Contrary to popular belief, fall is one of the perfect times to show off your trendy denim skirts. A jean skirt is not just for summery strolls; it can easily be paired with a long-sleeved shirt or sweater for the perfect fall vibe.


Stretch out summer shoe season

Personally, I am really excited to be rocking my L.L. Bean Boots and Dr. Martens once fall hits, but while it is still warmer outside, don’t be afraid to pair your new fall outfits with your favorite summer sandals. This is a great way to not look like you are too ready for the winter already and still love the summer warmth. 

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