The leaves are changing, it’s going to be cooler out pretty soon and the aroma of fall is in the air. As the seasons turn, many fun events come up and friends everywhere are off taking cute pictures around Boston. In my opinion, the most underrated fall activity is apple picking, and here’s why.

The apples are always fresh
No apple is going to taste better than the one you picked off the tree yourself. Get on someone’s shoulders and go looking for the best and juiciest apple of them all. Many farms don’t use pesticides on their apples, so they will taste better than store-bought ones anyway. Just make sure you get to the farm early so that you get the most apples to choose from.

Apple picking is a fun and easy fall activity. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Apple picking is a fun and easy fall activity. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

It’s fun with a large group or a few people
If you’re trying to get to know someone, hang out with a large group or go with a few of your closest friends — the experience is always enjoyable. Have fun looking around the orchard, exploring the fields and picking some apples. Maybe you’ll get close enough that you feel comfortable sitting on a new friend’s shoulders to reach the highest apples.

It’s affordable
In the long run, picking your apples is cheaper than buying them from a store, because you don’t have to pay the store — your money is going directly to the farmer. Transportation can get expensive, but if you do it right it can be affordable. Have everyone split the cost of getting there and then you all get a few apples and an amazing time.

Getting there is half the adventure
If you’re going to Honey Pot Hill Orchards with Weeks of Welcome or you want to go to Brooksby Farm in Peabody, the semi-long distance ride to get there will be fun bonding in its own right. If you’re getting on the bus with the Student Activities Office, renting a Zipcar to drive to Peabody or even being a little daring and driving to Applecrest Farm in southern New Hampshire, the journey is part of the experience.

There’s always so much to do
No matter where you go the odds are that there will be plenty of cider donuts, food, good memories and laughs. Make a day out of apple picking (journey included) for some unforgettable New England fun.

  1. It’s nice to get out of the city once in awhile and enjoy the fresh air! In addition to apple picking, most farms offer much more like pumpkin picking, flower picking, and have tasty treats like apple cider donuts 🙂

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