Ah, FitRec. A magnificent melting (or should I say, “sweating”) pot of all kinds of people from the BU community. Open for the majority of the day, FitRec is a popular spot for students to relieve their stress. During the three times I’ve made the hike to FitRec this semester, I found myself thinking the same thoughts each trip.

1. Damn, I should have crossed the street already.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure almost every BU student has thought this exact same thing. Is J-walking even legal? Does anyone know? I find myself crossing and panicking over crosswalks several times throughout the day.  


2. Maybe running outside wouldn’t be so bad…

Never mind. You hate running, Sabine.


3. What is GymIt?


4. Crap! I forgot headphones!

…should I go home?


5. I made it! Finally! And the BU shuttle only passed me TWICE this time. Nice.

And if that wasn’t torturous enough, here are several thoughts I have when I finally arrive:


6. I should apply for a job here. Then I’ll be getting paid WHILE being at the gym!


7. Oh shoot, did I forget deodorant?


8. Who the heck doesn’t wipe their machine when they’re done?

…I’m gonna find them.


9. Should I get a smoothie?…

Oh, right. I have 0 convenience points.


10. That was nice. I’m definitely coming again!

(Stop lying to yourself, Sabine.)