After arriving on campus, you may notice in between the hustle and bustle of classes that a lot of complaints seem to be flying around. While some of them are aimed at the Boston University in general, most students complain about their individual colleges. Here’s what a college admissions recruiter would tell students about the school they were applying to if all they could base it on was complaints.

Each college has its own stereotypes. PHOTO BY MEGHANA PATNANA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Each college has its own stereotypes. PHOTO BY MEGHANA PATNANA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

College of Communication: COM kids are all aboard the “this is a real field of study!” train and you’ll never hear the end of it. If you’re in a club, which you are, or whining about your radio show, get ready to hear about how important COM is. Take it from a COM kid — I do this every day.

Questrom School of Business: What internship did you do this summer? Are you in CORE? Do you have a good team? Do you want to smoke this cigarette with me? Go down a hallway in Questrom and these are the only questions you’ll ever hear. They love to complain about what group project they have and what work they need to get done, all while avoiding doing any actual work. If you’re friends with Questrom students, get ready to feel like you’re in their classes with them.

College of Engineering: These students are smart and driven. They spend all their time thinking about the aerodynamics of whatever just went flying through the air in their class. So what do they complain about? Nothing. After the obligatory Chem 101 complaints first semester freshman year, I have never even heard anyone complain because even if they were miserable they just don’t voice it. Maybe they really are just that smart not to whine constantly. Or maybe they got all their whining out during Chem 101.

College of Arts and Sciences: How many times have you met a pre-med student that complained about Chem and whatever other classes they’re taking? That’s because pre-med kids might be smart, but they really are the whiniest. Do you ever even hear non-pre-med CAS students talk about school?

School of Hospitality Administration: These students are sick of hearing that they’re in training to become waiters or whatever other jokes are being cracked. Truthfully, the program seems cool, but it must get old being misrepresented all the time.

Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent students are afraid of everything that might be unhealthy and they love to talk about it 24/7. Every diet is accounted for in this school, and every time you eat something like a burger in front of a Sargent student, get ready because they’ll either gush over being paleo or smack it out of your hand.

School of Education: It seems to be that BU’s education program is pretty great and filled with far too compassionate students, ready to dedicate their lives to an honorable profession. Basically, all SED kids will ever complain about is their lack of appreciation in the BU community. I mean, it’s a miracle I even remembered to add them to the list.

College of Fine Arts: Stand outside the CFA building and watch students walk into the building with their instruments and paint, ready for a day of class. Their art is amazing and all the students are talented, but it seems their talent may not be recognized by some students. CFA students definitely feel like their painting major isn’t taken seriously and cries of “good luck getting a job with that degree!” certainly don’t help.

College of General Studies: Remember when we received an email from President Brown saying that CGS was created as a “referral program?” Yeah, that didn’t go over too well with students who will not shut up about how they are just as qualified as everyone else and blah blah blah. We get it, you think you’re smart and maybe you are. Just take a joke.