When I transitioned from living in a quad sophomore year to a single junior year, I was not prepared for how quiet living alone would be. While it was nice and peaceful, it was also lonely not having three roommates to bounce ideas off of and not constantly have chatter in the background. To combat this, I began falling into the habit of having music, a podcast, or some kind of video playing while I was getting ready for a day of classes, getting ready to go to bed, and everything in between. During this time, I discovered a few great vloggers who always made the room seem a little brighter and the day seem a little more exciting.

Evan Puschak (“The Nerdwriter”)
A musings-during-the-night-type of man, Evan Puschak is what you would call a YouTuber. But his approach to the platform is different from some of his maybe more outrageous tour de force peers. He produces weekly video essays that put ideas to work.

“So there’s a feeling I sometimes get that happens when I come around a corner and am confronted by a sunset,” he started in one video. “Or at that moment in a movie when everything just falls into place. Hairs stand up on the back of my neck and a chill runs down my shoulders.”

He talks of how the sensation of awe and astonishment – of frisson. His videos are like mini essays with a thesis and supporting facts. But Evan manages to keep things interesting with well-cut scenes and humorous segments. It’s food for thought, video-form. Oh, and he’s a BU alum.

Aimee Song
If you’re into fashion, Aimee is a must-watch. Starting out as an architecture major, Aimee spent her spare time updating a small blog. It has pictures of fashion inspirations as well as her own curated outfits. Years later, she’s become an author to a best-selling book and runs her own YouTube channel. She’s your no-drama, down-to-earth insider into the often catty world of fashion. She shows you industry insider tips and takes you around with her to various Fashion Week shows and events. She’s a refreshing – and much needed – breath of air in the fashion world.

Sarah’s Day
Three words to describe Sarah’s Day: fitness, lifestyle, Australian. An Australian lifestyle vlogger, Sarah (endearingly called Sezzy) shows you what her day-to-day schedule looks like. She’s also a fitness fanatic and has approachable yet effective workout content for her viewers to try out. She’s all about listening to your body and living a well-balanced life. Whether you’ve fallen off the wagon or are still on, Sezzy inspires her viewers to eat clean, train hard and live happy.

Claire Marshall
A favorite of mine since my high school days, Claire Marshall is a freelance makeup artist turned full-time YouTube vlogger. With a strong LA-vibe and rad tattoos to match, Claire is the big sis you’ve always wanted. Her content is top-notch, with high quality shots and well-thought out content. She’s your Renaissance woman who does everything from beauty looks to clothing look books to lifestyle vlogs with great advice sprinkled in between. Whether I’m having a great day or a not-so great day, if you come by my place, you can always find Claire’s videos playing as soothing background noise.