This school year may be drawing to a close, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about next year. If you find yourself wanting something to do this summer, here are five cute and crafty wall decorations you can make in your spare time:

Floral arrangements

Find some cardboard or sturdy construction paper and stencil out some letters. You can do your name, initials, Greek letters or even your favorite word. Buy some artificial flower bouquets from Michaels or A.C. Moore (don’t forget to use the coupons in their weekly ads or on the websites) and a hot glue gun and have a field day. Glue your favorite flowers on the base and wait for it to dry and you have a fabulous and lively decoration that instantly brightens your shoebox of a dorm room.

Photo collage/memory board
Start by printing out some of your favorite pictures. Some of you and your friends, some of your happiest moments, maybe the most beautiful sights you’ve seen, or some of the coolest things you’ve done and cut and paste them into a fun collage or memory board. For added fun, cut the base of the collage into a shape before you start, or decide on a theme and make it according to that (for example, cut out the word “wanderlust” and make a collage of all your favorite places).

DIY dorm room decorations are a great way to spruce up your room for cheap. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER APAIRANDASPARE

DIY dorm room decorations are a great way to spruce up your room for cheap. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER APAIRANDASPARE

Customized cartography
Make a map of your choosing — the world map, or one of your country, state or city — and paint over it with watercolors or doodle on it with colored pencils or markers to make it uniquely your own. If you want, you can even place special markings (for example, doodles that are reminiscent of the memories you made in that specific place) or pins on all the spots you’ve explored and continue to keep up with it as you cross places off your bucket list.

Make your own canvases
Spend an hour or two on Redbubble (yes, I know it’s hard to restrict yourself, so narrow down your time frame, but once you reach the inner depths of that website you will never return) until you feel inspired by all of the fantastic stickers available. Buy a set of small canvases and some paint from your local art supply store, and decompress from the rough school year by painting your feelings into cute minimalist canvases. And don’t forget to bring Command Hooks with you when you move in so you can hang them.

Turn your favorite quotes into posters or banners
Depending on the length, your quote could totally fit into a banner-style decoration (i.e. “Uh huh honey.”) If it’s a lengthier inspirational quote or just some nice words you’d do well to remember, make a poster out of it. Change up the font for fun, put the regular quote in fancy calligraphy and then pick and choose your favorite words and add some pizazz to them by cutting the words out of aesthetically pleasing magazine pages or neat newspaper articles.

Hanging flower tapestry
If you do a quick search of “dorm inspo” on Pinterest, you’ll find what I’m talking about pretty quickly. Basically, just buy some yarn or pretty rope and a bunch of fake flowers (you can get them at craft stores but your local Walmart sometimes sells them for dirt cheap if the floral arrangements are out of season, so look around if you have the time) and cut the stems short. Not too short though, or you’ll have nothing to attach the flowers to the string, but short enough that you can still tie around the stem so the flowers can hang without falling. And remember, Superglue is your best friend — if the string or stem is too slippery, just use the glue to help speed the process along.