The year is winding down, and while it may be exciting to get done with finals, it’s still sad to say goodbye to your home. Boston University has provided us with so many opportunities to study, explore Boston and make meaningful friendships. It wouldn’t be right to leave without saying goodbye. Here are the 6 best ways to wish BU a happy summer:

1. Say goodbye to your friends.
BU has given us some of the greatest friendships of our lives and I could not be more grateful. Don’t rush your goodbyes in between studying and packing, but make a day where you can say goodbye for real, whether that’s going to dinner or just hanging out on the Charles River Esplanade, make your goodbye last until the fall, or whenever you visit each other in the summer.

2. Visit all your favorite spots on campus.
BU’s campus has some beautiful areas to hang out, study or whatever you want to do. Before you leave, visit all of them to say thank you for all the memories they’ve given you this year.

3. Take pictures of everything you’ll miss.
If you’re like me, when I miss home I look at pictures of my friends, family and dog. Do the same thing with school by taking pictures of whatever you’ll miss, whether it’s the view from the Student Village study lounge, a picture of the Boston Public Garden, or pictures of all the people you’ll miss, make sure to capture the moment before you go.

If you're favorite place on campus is Marsh Chapel, make sure you spend adequate time there before the semester's over. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

If you’re favorite place on campus is Marsh Chapel, make sure you spend adequate time there before the semester’s over. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

4. Leave one thing behind in your dorm.
You’ve lived in your dorm for a full year, so packing up and leaving feels a little weird. Leave your mark on your dorm by leaving one thing in the room. Make sure it’s something small that won’t make the room smell or having any lasting negative effects, but leaving a sticker from your favorite Boston restaurant inside a drawer may be a nice token of appreciation for your room. Maybe the next student will find it, maybe not, but you’ll always know it’s there.

5. Say thank you to your professors.
All of your professors have made an effort to give you an enjoyable semester and learning experience in their class. Take the time out of your day to send some emails to your professors to thank them for their hard work and support.

6. Get excited for the fall.
If you’re not graduating, BU will be your home for a little while longer so get excited to come back. Go into the fall semester with excitement for new classes, reconnecting friendships, making new friendships and being on campus again.