Pinegrove played a sold-out show on Wednesday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge. With them they brought along the band Hovvdy, who will be on tour with them for the next few shows, all of which are sold out.

The concert’s opener, Horse Jumper of Love, is a three-man rock band from Boston. Their mellow tunes like “Bagel Breath” and “Ugly Brunette” warmed up the crowd. Their lead singer and guitarist, Dimitri Giannopoulos, is very soft spoken, but when it’s time to perform, he brings his all. Drummer Jamie Vadala-Doran and bassist John Margaris are both very talented and easygoing. The trio is making a name for themselves, and the crowd seemed to enjoy the band, as it was a first time for many hearing this group.

Wednesday night was the first time Hovvdy, a band from Austin, Texas, played in the Cambridge/Boston area. Hovvdy’s on stage vibe is very down to earth — they set up their own gear, interacted with the crowd and really seemed to enjoy performing. The free-spirited and super chill group played a select few of their songs such as, “Meg,” “Try Hard,” “Pretend” and “Friend.”

This past Wednesday, Pinegrove played a sold out show at the Sinclair. PHOTO VIA DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF / MADDIE FOLEY

This past Wednesday, Pinegrove played a sold out show at the Sinclair. PHOTO VIA DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF / MADDIE FOLEY

All three artists — Horse Jumper of Love, Hovvdy and Pinegrove — are all very unique. There isn’t anything frilly about the music that they produce and perform. They are three of the most down-to-earth, wonderful bands that I have ever been introduced to. In between sets, they all interacted with each other with nothing but smiles on their faces.

Pinegrove took the stage at around 9:30 p.m., and opened with “V.” Evan Stephens Hall, the lead singer of Pinegrove, joked about how this was first time in a few years that the group has played that song outside of Alaska.

Pinegrove is a six-person band, straight out of Montclair, N.J. They’re passionate, powerful and full of happiness. Each member had a smile on their face for the entirety of the show. Pinegrove’s music is natural and meaningful, leading people to idolize them. Pinegrove has an aura to them that is just so free and wonderful.

Their line-up included hits like “Cadmium,” “Size of the Moon,” “Old Friends,” “Aphasia” and “Recycling.” Every song has a story and each one is different, which is why I think that Pinegrove is so wonderful.

Hall talked about how he thought of his songs as different rooms in a house, and how the different parts of songs are all of the stuff in the rooms. He laughed to himself about this concept, but he was definitely serious about it.

Hall often interacted with the crowd, having quick conversations about songs that were playing through the speakers in between sets, or possible new songs. He announced to the crowd that he needed to take a snack break to have some red peppers. He jokingly said, “Maybe I’ll start an album all about food. We’ve got the toast song, then I’ll write one about red peppers, and we’ll get one called ‘Gorgeous Gourds.’” The crowd seemed to like the idea, as long as it meant that new Pinegrove songs would be happening.

Now, I’ve said this before in previous concert reviews, most everyone in the crowd would be singing along, but I promise that everyone at Pinegrove’s show was singing along, jamming and having a blast. You can see the passion and emotion in all of their expressions and in how they play their instruments. It’s not just a job, it’s what they love to do. It’s so magical that music, something that we so often take for granted, has the ability to unite huge crowds of people. Everyone left with a smile on their face and even more happiness in their hearts.

There’s something enchanting about live music — it has the power to help any ailments in the world: stress, anxiety, sadness or madness. It’s honestly a life changing experience to see one of your favorite artists live in the city you’re living in. I’m so thankful to live in a city that has so many amazing concert venues with such wonderful performers who come and share their music with their fans. Horse Jumper of Love, Hovvdy and Pinegrove all played amazing sets on Wednesday night, leaving the crowd with memories that will last a lifetime.