Boston University offers a variety of different colleges for everyone. However, these schools do not come without stereotypes and the best way to address stereotypes is to talk about them through food. Here are what some colleges at BU would be if they were food.

College of Communication

A souffle. The College of Communication may not have the perfect building, but the students in the college are a delicate mix of constantly getting their work done, complaining the right amount and making sure they have opinions about everything happening in the news. Break this balance and it’ll crumble, just like a souffle.

Questrom School of Business

A steak. Steak can be great, but get a bad one and it’s awful. The average Questrom student can be great, but others can be social climbing warriors fighting for every insignificant internship possible.

College of Arts and Sciences

A buffet. The College of Arts and Sciences has so many different combinations of majors and minors, some great and some just alright. It’s what you make of it, just like a buffet.

College of Engineering

Astronaut food. Eating? Who has time for that! This school is all about the grind, and astronaut food is the perfectly engineered fix for making sure everything is efficient.

College of Fine Arts

A nine-course French meal. The fine arts make sure everything’s perfectly crafted, delicious and enjoyable for everyone, except maybe for the starving artists themselves. Say what you want about a painting major, but you’ll sure love looking at their art more than reading your nine page paper on whatever you’ve been assigned for the week.

College of General Studies

A sandwich. Sandwiches have a lot in them, and they’re a good option for when you don’t know what you want to do. However, they can still go wrong if you haven’t figured out what you want at the end of ordering. In the end, you just attempt to slap it together.

Students in the College of General Studies are sandwiches, because there's so many different fillings. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Students in the College of General Studies are sandwiches, because there’s so many different fillings. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

School of Education

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A perfection combination of flavors and care, designed just for children. It already has so much in common with the School of Education.

School of Hospitality Administration

Fish. When perfectly done, it makes for a delicious meal, and this school is all about making sure their future customers have an enjoyable experience wherever they may travel or dine.

Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

A salad. The healthiest school is obviously a perfectly tossed, lightly seasoned salad. Health conscious, yummy, and looking out for your best interests, while also being a little paranoid about what other foods you may eat. How many calories were in the dressing again?