I had never been to the United States before my college life began in Boston. When I was younger, I would imagine all the scenarios that would happen in Boston. Now, Boston is my second home besides Beijing. Still, there are three questions that I want to ask about Boston because it is so different from what I thought before.

Why is the New England Aquarium so small?

Before I came to Boston, I did not spend a second searching for its aquarium because I naturally assumed, as a city close to sea, Boston would have a bigger aquarium and more exhibition halls than aquariums in inland areas. So, when my boyfriend came to Boston for Thanksgiving, I planned to wander around in the aquarium for one day. Well, it turned out the maximum time you need to visit the New England Aquarium is one hour. You can still see general animals such as penguins, otters, turtles and various fishes, but do not expect it to give you any more enjoyment than an aquarium anywhere else.

Why is the T so slow compared to the subway back in China? PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Why is the T so slow compared to the subway back in China? PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Why does Boston weather change so quickly?

Before I experienced the unpredictable weather in Boston, I figured it out from chatting with Uber drivers. “Well, you know, it is Boston. You will never know what is gonna happen,” was the most common sentence I heard. In Beijing, I love March and April because the weather is warm. However, Boston welcomed me with its special coldness and sudden hotness throughout those months. Yesterday, you can see girls wearing dresses walking down streets, but the next day they will wear waterproof boots, struggling to go to classes. Now I know that I should never try to predict the weather in Boston.

Why is the MBTA so slow?

Maybe you have heard Beijing has crazy crowded subways, but the speed of subways are fast and each line is separate, so you do not spend much time waiting for subways. In Boston, I really enjoy sitting inside the T and looking outside, but the speed is really slow. Maybe I am already adapted to the fast pace of modern society, so I take Uber most of the time instead of the T. Though lots of people seem to complain about the T in Boston, I am sure we all love living in this city.