On Friday, the newly colonized Boston University fraternity Phi Kappa Tau hosted a charity concert to benefit the SeriousFun Children’s Network and Planned Parenthood. Located at their house on 22 Reedsdale Street in Allston, the show comprised of four local bands that put on a night of music and fun. Over $800 were raised for both organizations.

SeriousFun is an organization founded by actor Paul Newman that hosts free and engaging summer camps for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. According to their website, their mission is for kids to “escape the fear and isolation of their medical conditions.” Planned Parenthood offers free medical care for women ranging from provision of birth control to the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Allston has a large underground music scene, so a basement show was a fitting event to generate charitable revenue. The four performances included rappers KING MANIC and YoungCTheGreat in addition to groups Chapter Six and Harry Jay Smith and the Bling. KING MANIC is a group of BU students, while the other bands are made up of Berklee College of Music musicians.

KING MANIC was the first group to perform. The stage was about as extravagant as basement shows get. The group was composed of four rappers who went back and forth, rapping their lyrics over a dubbed track. They brought a large fan base to the show, who rapped along excitedly through the group’s entire set.

The next group to go on was Chapter Six, a pop and R&B group composed of six members that performed Bruno Mars covers among other engaging, brass-heavy songs. They were a good transition for the next rapper, YoungCTheGreat. YoungCTheGreat is popular among the Berklee community for his original rap songs, all available on his SoundCloud page. He performed by himself and wowed the crowd with his solo rapping skills.

On Friday, April 14th, BU's Phi Kappa Tau hosted a charity concert, raising over $800. PHOTO VIA PKT / BOSTON UNIVERSITY

On Friday, April 14th, BU’s Phi Kappa Tau hosted a charity concert, raising over $800. PHOTO VIA PKT / BOSTON UNIVERSITY

Ending the show on a high note, the seven-person funk band Harry Jay Smith and the Bling performed their new single, “Brother Be Wise,” along with other tracks that can be found on their Spotify page. They ended the show with a crowd favorite, a cover of Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper’s song, “Baby Blue.” Harry rapped the lyrics while the band’s brass trio played the signature trumpet riff.

All together the show was a refreshing opportunity to benefit important charities while taking a break from the tradition Allston frat party scene. Phi Kappa Tau plans on hosting more house concerts in the future as they move to a new location next year.