Your dorm key is a key for survival at Boston University. You lose it, and the monetary fine you’ll get is off the charts. You get locked out, and have to deal with Residence Life and the guards looking at you funny. Let’s all hope this doesn’t happen to you right after a shower. (Yes, this happens. My friend once went down with her hair in a towel, a robe on and flip-flops). Thus, a keychain is a necessity. I’ve noticed many different types around BU and I hypothesize that your keychain is most likely an extension of who you are as a person. Before you jump to conclusions, read on:

1. The hair-tie keychain
Girls wearing these around their wrists come across as practical and intelligent. Turning such an overlooked hair accessory as a chain for your key —one that you can also wear around campus hassle-free — is cheap, easy and not so common. Doing so is admirable, and I’ll probably steal this idea one day.

Do you carry around a fluffy keychain, one on a hair tie or nothing at all? PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER CONSTANTINE AUGUSTIN

Do you carry around a fluffy keychain, one on a hair tie or nothing at all? PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER CONSTANTINE AUGUSTIN

2. The keychain puff
As an avid puff-keychain lover (and owner), I must vouch for the use of these. I’m seeing more and more people use these for keychains, and it’s making me feel right back at home in Los Angeles, where these exploded in popularity. Puff keychains say that you easily lose your keys, so having a giant ball of (fake) fluff attached to them helps you. You’re also trendy and willing to experiment. I’ll admit the use of them isn’t for everyone, as they can come across as flashy or even weird. But hey, to each his or her own, and these are definitely a staple for my own keys.

3. The simple BU keychain
A simple BU keychain means that you don’t think twice about what you’re attaching your keys to, as you barely lose them and just want something to add onto it. You probably bought the keychain at the BU bookstore on the way to rent textbooks, meaning you’re pretty good at time management and highly productive. #Goals.

4. No keychain at all
This means you are either the boldest of the bold, or the laziest of the lazy. You either always know where it is, barely leave your room, never lock your door, or are always losing it and at this point, wouldn’t want to spend another single penny on that thing.

5. The not-so-keychain keychain
Anything is your storage space. Most popular is the wallet phone case, clearly meant for money. But, if you use that as your wallet as well as your keychain, it shows your willingness to not conform, and your easygoing-ness as well. Bravo to you, my friend.