Last Friday, my friends and I combatted the weather and hung out in the Seaport District for some great food. We found several highly-rated and popular restaurants around the Seaport area. Just by watching the pictures others shared made us salivate. Eventually, we decided to go to Row 34 for our dinner. Row 34 is a walkable distance from South Station.

The interior design of the whole restaurant is modern, with a gray color scheme and decorations in metallic style. They put the seafood on show openly to customers, making them look very fresh and attractive. There’s a bar near the display stand and by the time we arrived, there were already a bunch of people sitting around the bar, drinking and talking. It seemed like a place business people would go to.

The most famous dish according to Yelp is the warm lobster roll. The size of the roll was bigger than we expected. The softness of the bread and the lobster meats burst out to make the roll so perfect and unforgettable. It was not greasy, but I still felt so full just after one roll. My friend, on the other hand, ordered another 16 pieces of Island Creek Oyster and three shrimp cocktails. The raw seafood came up on one big plate with ice in it. What surprised us most was the shrimp cocktails. We wondered how big a $3 shrimp would look like. As I could tell, we were both very satisfied with the seafood we ordered at Row 34.

The Seaport district offers beautiful harbor views and delicious food. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Seaport District offers beautiful harbor views and delicious food. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

After we finished our dinner at Row 34, we walked to another popular restaurant. Located near the PricewaterhouseCoopers building, it’s called by CHLOE. I guess this restaurant mostly serves healthy breakfasts like avocado toast and fries, but they also have burgers and salad. By the time we arrived, there weren’t many people around. The decorations of by CHLOE. are mostly young and cute with lots of paintings on the walls and even on their napkins. Everything is just so cute and it’s a great spot to take some photos. They also print their cute logos on their coconut drinks.

To be honest, I was attracted by their coconut drink. It’s a real coconut, and the cashier uses a special tool to open the coconut in front of you. The process was a bit aggressive, but fun. We also ordered the chocolate cupcake, and unfortunately, besides the cute look, it didn’t taste as good as we hoped.