With finals season coming around, work tends to pile up and it can be hard to stay focused at all times. Sometimes not studying can be a good thing, especially when you need to clear your head or get other things done. Procrastination doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you do it right, so start procrastinating by doing things that needed to get done anyways. When your mind starts to wander keep these activities in mind.

1. Go to the gym.
Staying healthy is an important part of every college student’s life that frequently ends up being neglected. By heading to the gym after spending some time writing a paper, you get to focus on something else and also be healthy. The gym is a great way to take care of yourself as the semester comes to a hectic end, regardless of your workout routine or the amount of work you need to get done.

2. Do laundry.
It’s so easy to forget about the growing pile of clothes in your room in the midst of papers, exams and class. Take some time out of your studying schedule to do some laundry. Not only will you have gotten something done, but you also now have some clean clothes that you might not have worn in a while.

Instead of holing yourself up this finals period, be productive in how you procrastinate. PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR/ UBCLEARNINGCOMMONS

Instead of holing yourself up this finals period, be productive in how you procrastinate. PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR/ UBCLEARNINGCOMMONS

3. Shop for groceries.
Studying calls for snacks, so when you start feeling hungry, head to any of the various places you get groceries. Buick Street Market takes dining points and since its in West Campus, it can be a great walk to clear your head if you live in East or South Campus. Not only are you getting food for late night studying, but you’re also getting away from the work for a bit to do something else, which can help you focus better once you get back to your assignment.

4. Plan out classes.
Class selection is fast approaching, which is just as important as making sure the work for your current classes is done. Planning out your schedule creates less stress for selection day, offers ample time to meet with your advisor if needed, and makes thinking about the next semester a more enjoyable time.

5. Go to bed at a normal time.
Sometimes staying up all night to finish a paper or study for a test isn’t the best way to get things done. Instead of pulling an all-nighter head to bed early, get a night of rest, and then wake up early to try and get some work done at a faster more productive rate. Not only will you get more sleep, but you might also get a better grade.

Procrastination isn’t such a bad thing if you use the time to get other things done. Remember to take care of yourself, not just your grades. School should be enjoyable and not just a stressful two semesters full of nothing but studying.