Nowadays more and more campus tours are rushing through Boston University, which is a sign that BU will soon welcome its Class of 2021. Every time I pass by Marsh Plaza and see people gather around, it reminds me that my freshmen year is coming to an end. I have discovered so many interesting places to study and eat this semester. The following are my favorite secret places at BU.

My favorite building at BU is the Yawkey Center for Student Services. It is most known for its dining hall, Marciano Commons (also known as Bay State). Yet there are more places within the building that are just waiting to be unlocked by a curious freshman. Late Night Kitchen is located in the basement, and it is open Sunday to Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Compared to Late Night Café at Warren Towers, the environment at Late Night Kitchen is better. It’s a sit down restaurant with waiters, menus and more food options to choose from than just chicken fingers.

If you have taken a College of Arts and Sciences class, you might have visited the CAS Center for Writing on the third floor of this building, where you can get free tutoring and essay revisions. The Center for Career Development and the Educational Resource Center are also open to all students and are very useful for building your career experience in order to achieve your professional goals. I went to CCD several times to edit my resume and people there gave me lots of valuable and careful suggestions. Furthermore, I love this building because it is also a secret place to study alone. From the third to the sixth floor, each floor has a comfortable lounge to study. Play some music with your headphones in and view the beautiful sunset of Charles River in order to relieve your stress from the past week.