With music festival season approaching, there are some things that everyone attending the festival, or those that are just buying tickets, should know in order to properly prepare. For those planning to go to Boston Calling in May, there are many things that you can do prior to the festival to make sure you’re ready for the ultimate concert experience. As an avid concert-goer, I believe that I have a few tricks up my sleeve about concerts and festivals that most people wouldn’t even think about.

1. Bring a phone charger. Please, for your own sanity and so you do not start crying in the middle of the day because your phone died and you can no longer record your favorite artist, bring a phone charger. In fact, bring two or three. There will not be any Wi-Fi at the festival, so your phone will be running on data. Videos, and Snapchat especially, will suck the battery of your phone life down. Be prepared.

2. Take a picture of your tickets and wristbands. You may lose them as you are dancing, walking, and jumping up and down in a mosh pit. Seriously, you don’t want to be kicked out for not having a ticket on you.

Festival season is fast approaching, so use this list to make sure you're ready. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER DAVE LEVY

Festival season is fast approaching, so use this list to make sure you’re ready. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER DAVE LEVY

3. If you want to be even remotely close to the stage, get there hours early. This is mostly for those that have general admission. If being in the front matters a lot to you, I suggest you wake up extra early. Trust me, it will be worth it if you love the artist you are seeing.

4. Save up for merch. I know personally that whenever I see my favorite band’s new collection of merch, I immediately want every single item of clothing they have. Unfortunately, that can be very expensive. So, save some money before hand in order to get the band T-shirt you want.

5. Transportation around Boston is easily accessible, but have an entry and exit plan. How are you getting there and home? Are you staying over somewhere? Do you have money on your CharlieCard? These are important questions to ask yourself a week or so before the festival. Writing this information down in the Notes app on your phone will help save time later when you are tired from a hectic and fun day.

6. Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Once you are in a huge crowd of people, it will be hard to go to the bathroom or get more food. You’ll never get your spot back. Just make sure you are somewhat hydrated throughout the day, especially if it is sunny.

7. Wear comfortable clothing. I know, we all want to look cute for that Instagram photo. But, be careful about what you are wearing, especially your shoes. You will be standing all day long, and eventually you may have to sit on the ground.

With these tips, I wish you all the best in your music festival endeavors!