I am a self-proclaimed expert of falling asleep literally anywhere. I have passed out while positioned on cold hard tile floors. I have drifted off during sporting events. I have even fallen asleep during a band rehearsal with a trumpet in my lap and then remained unconscious while a series of brass instruments were blasting sound around me. I believe I possess the qualifications that allow me to properly inform you of where it is possible to nap at Boston University.

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1. A dorm

This space comes fully equipped with all of the things you need to take a high luxury nap. A bed with blankets offers a gateway to easy sleep. Dorm rooms are so easy to come by which is very helpful. If you stumble upon an open one, I suggest you just meander on in and use the resources that are present. There is a slight risk that the owner of the bed you have borrowed will discover you and respond negatively to your presence. I suggest you hand them a crisp five dollar bill in order to remedy the situation. College students tend to be so strapped for cash that you will be forgiven with relative ease.

2. Mugar Memorial Library

I know that a library does not really seem like the traditional nap time setting as a general rule, but like plates at a Greek wedding, rules are meant to be broken. Mugar has a delightful array of nooks and crannies for you to tuck yourself into for that coveted little bit of sleep. The section of the library that contains books on things such as algebraic theory get little to no foot traffic, so I would suggest making camp in that general area.

3. BU Beach

In the spring, summer and a small chunk of the fall, the BU Beach is the ideal place to spread out on the ground and absorb the vitamin D that your body has so desperately craved all winter. In fact, unless you were to flop down on the sidewalks and risk being trampled by students who are running to catch the bus so they do not have to put forth the energy it takes to walk to West Campus, the BU Beach is the only place to get some sun as you sleep. I know that this prospect may seem a bit unpleasant during these chilly times, but there are ways to get around freezing to death outside as you nap. Take advantage of the dirty heaps of snow that scattered around the edges of the road. If you work to move it all up in one big filthy pile and dig yourself a nice hole in there, you can make your own snow shelter the way mountaineers do when they are stranded in a blizzard. It is true that the snow is disgusting, but try not to think about it. Think about how well-rested you will feel after your nap has been completed. 

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4. Your professor’s office hours

When you walk into office hours with a professor, many of them will try to make you feel more at ease by saying something such as “make yourself comfortable.” I say that you should take this greeting as literally as is humanly possible. Remove your coat and your shoes and lay down wherever you think you can “make yourself comfortable.” Casually push some of the chairs they have invited you to sit in together in order to create a makeshift bed. There is a slight possibility that your professor will be a little bit confused. If this is the case and they try to casually but firmly tell you to stop using their latest scholarly article as a pillow, you should just pretend you are already asleep. Everyone knows that waking up a sleeping person is incredibly rude.

Use this guide to find your ideal napping location as soon as you possibly can. With all of their class assignments, extracurricular and commitments outside of school, college students often forget how important sleep is to a person’s health. It is true that your responsibilities are very important but so is your overall well being. Take care of yourself and get some sleep.