I remember coming back from lunch with a friend when she texted me saying, “By the way, follow my ‘finstagram!’” When I first heard the word “finstagram,” I literally thought “What is she even talking about?” I went to said account, and saw that she only had seven followers. “Huh,” I thought. What is this? What is a “finstagram,” also known as a “finsta?” Is it a new and improved Instagram? Is it a whole new website altogether? Now after having made one, it is my one true love. I am a “finstagram” advocate. If you’re reading this and don’t have a “finstagram,” stop what you’re doing and create yours. Well, maybe after reading the article first. Then make one.

What does “finsta” stand for, you ask? Don’t ask, because I don’t know. Regardless, a “finsta” is just an extra private Instagram account, in addition to your “rinsta” — or regular Instagram — that only your closest of friends follow, mainly those that won’t judge you for whatever you post, and in turn, let you post whatever you feel like.

Is finsta the new Insta? Or are we already past it and looking for the next trend? PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Is finsta the new Insta? Or are we already past it and looking for the next trend? PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

They’re a bit of a waste of time, I won’t lie about that. But then again, I can make the same argument about Instagram itself and social media in general. It’s all just one big basket of bragging rights and judgment. None of that off-grid nonsense here, though. Just read on for the unofficial guidelines to having a successful “finsta:”

1. You must have a humorous username. And please refrain from making it too long or with too many dashes and periods. Keep it simple, folks. We kids of this generation with short attention spans don’t want to follow accounts with annoying usernames.

2. The nastier, crazier, more controversial, shocking and unedited each image/caption is, the better.

3. Quality over quantity. If you’re posting five or six times a day on your “finsta,” the odds of all those posts being funny and respectable are slim. Post infrequently but of worthy things. Sha-boom.

4. Don’t let everyone follow you. This is a “finsta,” folks. Time to set your foot down and your account to extra elite.

5. Own the fame. Your “finsta” is your bragging about the funny, bizarre and insane things that happen to you. Don’t be shy, and don’t worry about people talking about your posts. Be bold, concrete and don’t sugar coat.

What do you think is going to be the new thing after “finsta?” Finstabook? Fwitter? I say yes.