The majority of college students are perfectly content rolling out of bed just before their afternoon class. This generation of students has morphed into a group of nocturnal animals, burrowing within dormitory rooms until nightfall when they slowly emerge from their dens to eat dining hall pasta and write papers. I must admit that I envy people with the ability to sleep through the day without stirring in order to refuel, because I am unable to do so.

I am a morning person. As soon as the sun is up, I am up. In the past, I tried to force myself to sleep in but was only able to make it until eleven when I got frustrated and gave up.  Since then, I have embraced my failure and am prepared in full to share with you the benefits of being an early bird along with advice on how to become one yourself.

It may be difficult to condition yourself to get up early every day but I assure you that it is possible. There is no limit on the number of alarms you can set on a smartphone. Remember that you must choose your alarm tone wisely. I learned this the hard way after using a loud, eardrum-piercing ringing that would rip me out of REM sleep and effectively terrify me each morning for the better part of a year. Instead, use something a bit softer that gently tugs you into the morning rather than something that tugs you one step closer to cardiac arrest. To ensure that you actually wake up in response to your new alarm, set it in intervals. This way even if the alarm itself does not wake you up, your roommate who has been subjected to listening to it go off every 12 minutes and is screaming at you from across the room to shut it up, will. 

It's hard to be a morning person, especially as a college student. PHOTO VIA PEXELS

It’s hard to be a morning person, especially as a college student. Here’s how to make sure you don’t sleep through class. PHOTO VIA PEXELS

I must warn you that this whole process will probably be excruciating at first. You will appear so tired to others that they will tell you that your eyeliner and mascara are smudged beneath your eyes. You will have to respond that you have not worn makeup for the past week and the dark crescents they see are just the natural effects of exhaustion standing out against the pallor of your skin. But be strong. This is what caffeine is for. You can either invest in many, many cups of coffee or just skip the whole drinking process and inject it straight into your arm through an IV drip.

Eventually, there will come a day when you wake up before you hear the familiar sound of the alarm tone “By the Seaside” and your roommate’s yelling mixed together. You will be able to go outside and admire the way the morning sunlight slowly begins to stretch across the trees and bounce off the windows of the surrounding buildings. You will finally get to reunite with breakfast, an old friend that will welcome you with open arms and a heaping plate of home fries. The knowledge that you have an entire day full of time that you can use to your advantage has the power to lessen the stress that is often felt when trying to complete work in a limited amount of time. When this day comes, you truly will be able to see the perks in rising early and seizing the day. Hopefully, I will see you in the morning.