Since May 2012, Boston Calling Music Festival has been a highlight for all music lovers in the New England area. Each year, the festival features a lineup that seems unbeatable, and this year’s lineup is particularly going to be absolutely incredible. Boston Calling will also be taking place at a new location at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston from May 26 to 28.

With the new location, Boston Calling is easily accessible to all festival goers as well as college students in the area. Additionally, a film experience curated by Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman will be on display.

Friday will feature the likes of Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, Solange and Mac DeMarco.

Saturday’s highlights include Mumford and Sons, The xx and The 1975. This day also highlights a lot of smaller indie rock, electro-pop and Americana folk bands.

Closing out the festival will be the legendary rock band Tool, along with Major Lazer and Weezer. Before these final performances, there will also be showcases from bands such as Cage The Elephant and Run The Jewels.

This year the Boston Calling music festival is set to be bigger than ever. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER LOGAN INGALLS

This year the Boston Calling music festival is set to be bigger than ever. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER LOGAN INGALLS

Last week, I had the privilege to talk to the co-founder and producer of Boston Calling, Mike Snow. I was absolutely thrilled to hear his thoughts about this year’s Boston Calling as well as learn about the new location.

When asked why he created Boston Calling, Snow said that when he used to work for a local media company, he was eager to create a festival similar to the likes of other popular festivals on the East Coast. After going to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, he thought it was possible to do something like it in Boston.

“We finally went to the city to see if it was possible and they agreed that it was a great idea, but it was all up to us to get the artists and make it happen,” Snow said.

And he did make it happen. In 2012, Snow and his partner Brian Appel created Crash Line Productions, a Boston-based entertainment production company. Since the first festival in 2012, it was known without a doubt that they had created something that would continue on for many years just like other popular festivals around the country.

“We want to see everyone succeed,” Snow said. “All of the festivals are unique in their own way. New York is hard to navigate, Chicago is similar to Boston in some ways, but Boston is very different.”

With more people and performers wanting to come to the festival, Boston Calling has outgrown its previous location at City Hall. This May, the festival will be taking place on a 16-acre plot of land.

“The turf is better for sound quality, especially without all of the buildings around,” Snow said.

Of course, I had to ask Snow about who he was looking forward to seeing at Boston Calling this year.

“I’m really looking forward to watching Tool finish off the festival when all my work is done,” he said. “I haven’t seen them live in about 15 years.”

Snow said he was thankful to be a part of Boston Calling. “I am very fortunate to be able to do this, and I am very humbled. There are so many nice things that get said about the festival and the work we have put into it. I am excited for the festival and can’t wait to hear new music this year.”