Are you bored with all your usual Boston hang out places? Tired of being told to go to Lawn on D just to take Instagram photos of yourself on the swings? Are you done with going into the Crocs store at Faneuil Hall as a joke? Need some new things to do in the major metropolitan city we’ve found ourselves inhabiting? Here are new places and options.

The Democracy Center
Ever since we elected a fascist Cheeto to lead these United States, the mission of The Democracy Center seems more vital than ever. It’s the headquarters of five different nonprofits and host vcs an ever-changing variety of events that further their agenda of community action. If you’re looking for a concert comprised of Berklee College of Music acts, a poetry reading or a social justice group to join, this is the place to do it.

Bikes Not Bombs
I, personally, cannot bike to save my life. But I know many people who bike regularly around Boston, and with Boston drivers being the way they are, that’s no easy feat. Bikes Not Bombs is not only a nonprofit organization that donates bikes as part of economic development efforts and teaches bike safety classes, but it also runs a retail bike shop that sells refurbished bikes, which in turn fund their work in the community.

Bikes Not Bombs is a non profit that offers bike rentals for cheap. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Bikes Not Bombs is a non profit that offers bike rentals for cheap. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY

Deep Thoughts
Everyone has that one person in his or her life that is just really into vinyl. You, dear reader, might actually be that person. If so, I really want to say that I can absolutely and most definitely hear the difference between vinyl and CD because I am just that cultured. But even if you aren’t attached to the idea of records, Deep Thoughts is still worth your time. If you like to browse in search of that one cool old comic book, movie or zine, then this is the place to do it.

Midway Café
If you are looking for a venue with plenty of variety, then look no further. Midway Café gets bands ranging from metal to surf to rock to country. Midway Café also has a weekly Queeraoke, with those identifying as queer, trans or non-binary as welcome to dance to an eclectic mix of music and sing along as badly as you please. They also have an Open Mic on Sundays if you’d like to test out your new comedy routine.

We’re lucky to live in a city with such a vibrant theatre scene. But let’s face it, plays are expensive and sometimes can be, well, a little bit stodgy. So if you’re looking for a place to catch a show where you’re not the youngest person there, then OBERON is your place. It’s where up-and-coming artists can try out whatever they please, and plays host to “aerialists, beat poets, food artists, tap dancers, gender-bending sketch troupes, comedians, hula-hooping burlesquers, and pop-and-lock human statues.” What more do you need?