I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely love going out to brunch. Many people ask me what is my favorite brunch place, and I always tell them that it is Dig Inn, located at Copley Square right off of the T stop. I have been to Dig Inn four times since I came to Boston University this past fall. I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with the food each and every time that I have gone, and I know for a fact that I will be going again very soon. Here are the reasons why Dig Inn is just that good.

The aesthetic
Do you like white marble countertops, cool chairs, neon signs and a place you can take an Instagram-worthy photo? Look no more, Dig Inn is the place to go. When I walk in, my face immediately creeps up into a smile. While the restaurant is a small space, the layout is perfectly designed to create a dynamic space that fits a lot of people in an organized fashion. The tables create a perfect backdrop for taking photos of your food if you want to, and it is a very comfortable place to sit and eat. In the warmer months, you also have the option to sit outside surrounded by plants and cute lights.

The atmosphere of Dig Inn is one of the best parts of the restaurant. Photo by Abigail Brann

The atmosphere of Dig Inn is one of the best parts of the restaurant. PHOTO BY ABIGAIL BRANN/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

Their story
The thing I love most about Dig Inn is their mission statement, “to build a community through food.” They also have “Dig-isms,” which are guidelines that represent the company. These include buying food from farms, rolling with the seasons, making meals from scratch, cooking for a person, serving mostly vegetables, eating at a table and nurturing the next crop. When I go to Dig Inn, I know that I am eating food that is good for me and good for the environment, which is something that is really important to me.

The breakfast
The first time I went here, I had breakfast. I ordered the avocado and ricotta toast, as well as the banana and peanut butter toast. The moment it went into my mouth, I knew that I wanted even more. Every bite was better than the last (except for the last bite), but it was the best toast I have ever had in my life, no lie. I also ordered the buckwheat pancake, which was also so amazing. Breakfast time at Dig Inn is always so busy, but it is totally worth it.

The lunch
The lunch section at Dig Inn is my favorite. At lunch, you are able to create your own bowl. First, you start with a base, which could be field greens, farro or rice. Then, you are able to choose up to three sides, which include both hot and cold foods. Personally, I always get the Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and sweet potato. If you are a sweet potato lover like me, I highly suggest you try out Dig Inn’s selection. It’s absolutely incredible. After the toppings, you have the option to choose a protein such as chicken or tofu, or another side. The dish is so scrumptious, and I love how you are able to choose exactly what you want.

The fun
While Dig Inn is always extremely busy, I always end up having a really great experience there. The tables are very close together, so I am able to really talk to my friends and have a fun time eating amazing food. I totally recommend bringing friends there while exploring the Copley Square and Newbury Street area.