I used to hate breakfast and never eat it. Now I love breakfast. Similarly, I used to hate “The Bachelor” and now I’m obsessed. Ever wonder what Vanessa, Rachel or Corinne would be as your favorite breakfast foods? Are you hungry? Are you wondering why you’re even reading this article? It’s all good — I am, too. Regardless, keep reading. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

1. Corinne: Eggs Benedict with avocado
No bother that guacamole is extra — Corinne might just bring her own avocados anyway. She’s the perfect balance of extra and enough, and never fails to wake you up while always looking flawless. Though she may take a little extra time to get used to, she is nevertheless flavorful.

gif via GIPHY.com

gif via GIPHY.com

2. Rachel: Steel cut oats with berries
As a civil litigation attorney, Rachel needs something that will start her day with heaps of energy. Ironically enough, her breakfast food extends to her whole personality. She is clean-cut, intimidating but once you get to know her, she becomes a favorite and a show staple.

3. Vanessa: A fruity drink and cottage cheese with grapefruit
Need I say more? Vanessa radiates class and confidence in literally every scene she’s in. She gives off a relaxing, bubbly vibe, all the while looking stunning in her healthy physique.

4. Raven: Chicken and waffles
Raven is a classic girl, and not afraid to get muddy, as she says. Chicken and waffles is filling, to say the least, yet enjoyable every bite of the way. It’s also sweet and salty, just like Raven. She can be wise, intellectual and caring, but when she gets her chance with Nick, she soaks it in — every second of it. It’s remarkable, actually.

Sadly, the following girls were eliminated, but still worth writing about:

5. Danielle M: Sesame bagel with cream cheese
Everybody loves sesame bagels and everyone loves cream cheese (hats down to those lactose intolerant folks). They’re one step up from the ever famous plain bagel. I don’t want to be mean, but, bagels — although delicious — have no nutritional value. You can just eat them and eat them and eat them, and gain nothing from it except weight.

6. Danielle L: Vanilla latte with a croissant
Coffee is a must-have, and when the daily intake of caffeine got eliminated from this show, I was definitely dealing with some withdrawals. This breakfast is a quick, on-the-go staple — one needed by everyone at least once in their lives. Personally, I think Nick would’ve enjoyed this breakfast every day but it’s OK. The breakfast isn’t a salty one. So I shouldn’t be.

7. Taylor: Milk and cereal (but with the milk poured first)
Who the heck puts milk in first? Off-putting, right?