Now that the world’s obsession with kale and blueberries has finally de-escalated, let’s start the crazes for some totally underrated foods that are also healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I love blueberries, but if we’re being honest here, does anyone actually enjoy eating kale?

Forget about sugar and artificial sweeteners, honey is a fantastic sugar substitute that actually helps your body regulate blood sugar level. With honey, you don’t experience that sudden crash in energy that occurs when you eat regular sugar. Honey is also antibacterial, thanks to the bees that make it. Finally, it acts as a great antidote to make you feel better during flu season because it helps soothe your throat and prevent severe coughing fits.

Not enough people appreciate cauliflower, and it makes my heart sad. Cauliflower contains compounds that can help fight off certain types of cancer as well as boost your heart, stomach and especially your

Cauliflower is the cousin of broccoli and a surprising super food. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Cauliflower is the cousin of broccoli and a surprising super food. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

brain health. (Is it a coincidence that cauliflower slightly resembles the shape of a brain? I think not). It also contains huge amount of vitamin C and antioxidants galore, making it great for detoxifying your body. And if you ever get tired of eating broccoli, cauliflower is a great substitute.

Sweet potato
This is my all-time favorite. I value sweet potatoes so much more than regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are so filling and do not cause blood sugar spikes, which is also a huge plus. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin C and iron, which we all need, especially now that the second wave of the BU-bonic plague is spreading across campus. They also contain vitamin D to keep your bones strong, and magnesium, which aids in stress management (and with midterm season right around the bend, this is so beneficial).

Ever wonder why your parents always fed you kiwi as a little kid? Well, let me tell you: it contains tons of vitamin C, K, A and E. If you don’t know what those are good for, let me explain. Vitamin C helps your body fight colds and the flu, vitamin K aids in blood clotting so you don’t bleed profusely when you get a cut or a bad scrape, vitamin A boosts skin, bone and tooth development and vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps protect your healthy cells from being damaged. Kiwi also holds a lot of potassium and copper, which boosts brain development and bone growth, and builds immunity.

Brussels sprouts
Remember how the kids in your favorite childhood shows were always scared of eating mom’s meatloaf, spinach and Brussels sprouts? Well thanks to that, Brussels sprouts have been given a bad reputation, but they actually provide some incredible health benefits. They contain a good dose of vitamin C and carry some much needed fiber to regulate your digestive system. On top of that, they also contain folate, which aids in the production and preservation of DNA and have lots of antioxidants.

Obviously each of these foods should be eaten in moderation, but adding them to spice up your kale-and-blueberry-smoothie diet will definitely be beneficial to your own health (and sanity). Sometimes a small change can make a big difference for your well-being.