Sandrine Rossi’s email to The Daily Free Press was written in French and translated into English.

If you are an amateur fan of wine, cheese and French cuisine, the new South End restaurant and wine bar Frenchie is the perfect place for you. Even though it opened on Jan. 24, Frenchie is already a popular restaurant that has a consistent succession of diners eating out of curiosity and stepping out with satisfaction.

Frenchie’s owner, Sandrine Rossi, moved to Boston in 2014 and had been pondering opening a French restaurant ever since. Born and raised in France, she studied there for a couple of years in business and environmental studies before she worked in China. This was all before she went into the restaurant industry.

“I always wanted to have a food business. At the end of 2015, I was considering opening a tea salon that would offer French pastries since I really missed them here in Boston,” Rossi wrote in an email. “I still think it is a great concept but I also wanted to bring novelty to the way the French cuisine and culture is seen here, and sort of break this pretentious aspect people often attach to wine and sectarian view. I wanted to create something more approachable, a place that will break the snobbish standard of drinking wine and will offer French dishes.”

All of your French food needs are fulfilled at Frenchie, now open in the South End. Photo via Eater Boston

All of your French food needs are fulfilled at Frenchie, now open in the South End. Photo via Eater Boston

Rossi works in partnership with French restaurateur Loic Le Garrec (who owns Petit Robert Bistro in Boston) and Alex Falconer (who worked at Beacon Hill Bistro and was the former chief executive at Joséphine in Kenmore Square).

For sure this restaurant and wine bar answers Rossi’s expectations and goals. The place is divided into two rooms, with each having its own vibe. The main room is decorated with a panel of grey and black, wooden tables and pale neon lights that bring out a modern chic atmosphere ideal for a dinner between friends. The back room has a vaulted glass ceiling veranda with string lights and vines, is better suited for a more private ambiance. A terrace will also open on sunny days.

The menu coincides with the image of the restaurant as it embraces the essence of the French cuisine but with an original and modern twist. You will be able to savor escargot garlic toasts, mussels with chorizo, drumstick coq au vin, beef bourguignon, plancha foie gras, duck magret, steak tartare and more.

I went there on Thursday and could not be more charmed. Being French myself, I was not disappointed at all. I ordered their daily special, the truffle mushroom toast with a sunny side up egg. It came with rainbow baby carrots that were caramelized and accompanied by blood orange quarters. Frenchie achieved to marry different panels of tastes to come up with original combinations that are as surprising as they are delicious.

Even the gourmands will be satisfied with a variety of bistro-sized desserts such as the lemon meringue pie and its strawberry syrup, the chocolate cake and the white chocolate and red berries tiramisu.

The service is efficient, quick and ready to answer all the questions you have about the menu.

Frenchie is definitely la crème de la crème.