Valentine’s Day is coming up next week, so let’s talk about some of the best ways to spend time with your honey this holiday. The typical dinner and movie aside, here are five interesting date ideas that may spark your own imagination to plan a unique date with your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

1. Art museum hopping
If you’re into an art buff, take them out to one of the fabulous art museums that Boston has to offer. You can pick from the Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or one of the galleries sponsored by art schools and independent artists in and around the city. You could even make a day out of it and visit multiple museums! Afterwards, head back to your date’s studio apartment (so starving artist, right?) and attempt to draw/paint/sculpt your own masterpiece together, inspired by what you saw during the day.

The MFA is a great spot for a museum date not too far from BU's campus. photo via Wikimedia Commons

The MFA is a great spot for a museum date not too far from BU’s campus. photo via Wikimedia Commons

2. Check out the planetarium
For that special someone whom you met in your physics class only to find out that they’re an aspiring astronaut: get yourself some tickets to the Boston Museum of Science, specifically the planetarium. They’ll totally geek out over all the cool things the museum has to offer and will more likely than not give you mini lectures about how everything works. Even if you’re not a big science person, you have to appreciate the spark in their eyes when they talk about how fascinated they are by all the different things that compose our endlessly expanding universe.

3. A romantic getaway
This one is slightly more inclined for the couples who have been together for a little longer, but if you have the funds and want to impress someone then try booking a weekend on the Cape. Get yourself a room in a cozy inn and spend the weekend (or if your schedule permits, you can even go on the holiday itself during the week) driving around and seeing all the beautiful nature that Cape Cod has to offer. Bundle up, hold hands and take a walk along one of the beaches and admire the tranquility of the area.

4. Take a trip on the “Odyssey”
Jumpstart the evening by doing the HARBORWALK in the afternoon or spend some time in the New England Aquarium and remember what it’s like to be kids again by finding Nemo (or Dory). If you’re set on doing dinner afterward, then do it with a twist on the cruise ship, the “Odyssey,” and take in the gorgeous lights of Boston Harbor at night. Plus, if you’re dating a literary nerd like me, they will 150 percent appreciate this dinner cruise, if nothing else, because the ship is named after an epic poem that they had to intensively study and write an essay for their English class.

5. Ski trip
Again for the couple that’s probably been together for an extended period of time, go ahead and splurge on an overnight stay in a ski lodge if the person you’ve got eyes for is into snow sports! Take in the gorgeous views from the top of the mountain, take some cute GoPro selfies on the chair lift, and finish the night with some hot chocolate and Boston-themed movies (“Good Will Hunting,” anyone?) while cuddling under a hand-knit blanket by an idyllic fireplace.