3 unconventional ways to enjoy Boston University

It’s really easy to fall into the BU Bubble and end up doing the same thing every day. A change of pace is not only fun, but also good for you. Winter becomes the perfect time to get lazy and feel unmotivated, but BU has the reputation of being full of opportunity. Some of these opportunities may not be as exciting as an internship, a great class or a new event to go to, but they’re still great nonetheless. Here are some unconventional activities that can be enjoyed and appreciated every day here on campus:

1. People watching.

People are absolutely fascinating, and there are many who attend BU. It seems silly to pass up an opportunity to sit on a bench outside the GSU and just look around. So many thoughts run through our head every day, some are stressful and many are school-oriented. Sometimes a pause is necessary and letting yourself get lost in other people’s lives is an experience unlike any other. At small schools you tend to know everyone and the mystery isn’t as thrilling, but at BU, anything is possible if you just watch.

2. Go for a walk on the Esplanade in between classes.

The esplanade is a lovely place to reflect and people watch between class times. Photo by Brittany Chang Daily Free Press Staff

The esplanade is a lovely place to reflect and people watch between class times. Photo by Brittany Chang Daily Free Press Staff

Most people, including myself, are occasional offenders of napping in between classes instead of making the most of our time and getting work done. However, sometimes work just doesn’t seem like the thing to do and you can’t focus. At times like these, go to the Esplanade, a uniquely BU experience. Not many other schools give students the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of campus with the beautiful Charles River. Also another great people-watching area, the river is just a great place to let your mind wander. There’s a dock that you can sit and ponder on, an outdoor exercise area if you’re into that, and a trail to walk. Even in winter, it’s a fantastic place to let the crisp air wake you up and fill your lungs. Make the most of our beautiful location.

3. Do your work in a different building everyday.

Your dorm room has a lot of distractions, the library is always crowded and overall repetition can get boring and make your work seem more like a chore than anything else. Switching up where you sit can do incredible things to your work. Sometimes, studying for an exam in the classroom where you’ll take it helps you get into a more serious study groove because you feel the weight of the exam upon you. My personal favorite is the Law School building because of the big windows, the slight bustle and the motivated atmosphere. Switching up your study space also gives you a great chance to explore campus and areas you may not typically go into. Grab a study buddy from a different college and see what side of campus they can show you. It really is the little things that make all the difference.