If you’re ever in need of a quick breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up, head on over to Union Square Donuts. The one at 409 Harvard St. in Brookline has a lot of energy.

With a myriad of creative donut flavors and a selection of coffee, teas and milks, Union Square Donuts has plenty to offer for many flavor palettes.

When I arrived around 1 p.m. on a Sunday, the shop had sold out every donut except for Boston Cream and Raspberry Jam. The bustling workers promised that more flavors would be ready in about 20 minutes. So I waited patiently, grabbed a cup of nitro cold brew coffee and let the sweet aroma fill my nose.

Union Square Donuts offer a wide variety of beautiful flavors. Photo via Madeline Foley

Union Square Donuts offer a wide variety of beautiful flavors. Photo via Madeline Foley

This gave me plenty of time to observe and take in the atmosphere of this quaint shop, which only opened two weeks ago. First off, the menu board is very put together and beautifully organized. The wall art is simple and welcoming, along with the staff. There’s something warm and loving about this place.

The staff auctioned off the last of the Boston Cream and Raspberry Jam donuts as a line started to form out the door. A worker in the back asked a staff at the front counter if they learned how to dip the donuts, and the front counter staff member quickly replied, “No, but I can learn.” The entire staff was bubbly and eager to help customers and engage in conversation about donuts and coffee, among other things.

Now let me tell you that the brief seven-minute wait was so worth it. One by one, the “sold out” signs on the flavors were removed and the metal racks were packed full of fresh donuts. Our donuts were warm and freshly adorned with frosting and toppings that had our taste buds tap dancing.

The Raspberry Jam donut was fried to perfection, filled with the sweetest jam with a bold flavor coated in granulated sugar. It was like dipping your toes into cold water on a hot summer’s day — refreshing and relaxing.

The Maple Bacon donut has a unique flavor. The base of the donut is light and airy and the maple glaze is packed full of flavor. After the donut is dipped in the glaze, its topped with smoky bacon which adds a ton of flavor to the donut as a whole. This is definitely the one to try if you’re all about ski trips to cabins in the woods and eating pancakes doused in maple syrup with a side of bacon.

The Vietnamese Coffee donut is perfect if you’re in the mood for a light flavor. Again, the actual donut is light, buttery and airy, but the glaze is subtle. Its taste is colorful, but not overpowering.

The Belgian Dark Chocolate donut, let me tell you, as a lover of all things chocolate, this is a sure hit. The light and fluffy donut is coated in a rich, smooth and melty chocolate glaze. If you need a chocolate fix, this is a must-have. I think that it was even better because it was fresh out of the fryer, so the warmth added to the depth of the flavors.

The Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch. Wowzah. So this one again is the classic airy donut paired with toppings that could make even the most talkative person speechless. It’s dipped in a buttery, smooth glaze and topped with crushed hazelnuts and crumbly goodness. It’s the melt-in-your-mouth type of good. I’m drooling thinking about this perfect flavor combination.

Pro tip: get a few flavors, grab a knife and share with friends.

It was well worth the wait to try a variety of flavors in a hip environment.

So, if you like donuts and you haven’t tried out these ones, get out there and do it. Even if you don’t like donuts and you want something to grab your attention, these are the ones.

10/10 would recommend.

Well done, Union Square Donuts, well done.