Now on its eighth season, ABC’s “Shark Tank” has changed tons of entrepreneurs’ lives, and it has jumpstarted some very lucrative companies. From cleaning products to food to exercise equipment, only the best of the best are selected by the “sharks” and deemed worthy of investing. Considering the needs of a typical college student, here are some of the best “Shark Tank” products you should try out:

1. EcoNuts
EcoNuts are not your standard laundry soap. Created with the environment in mind, they use safe and natural ingredients. They are also super cheap and perfect for laundry day. Simply drop a few in your next wash and the scent will come out way fresher than any other soap brand.

2. Nerdwax
For those who wear glasses, Nerdwax works to keep your glasses on your face no matter what you are doing. Though it may look like a simple tube of chapstick, it creates a light adhesive when applied to the nose area of glasses that will prevent glasses from slipping.

3. Unshrinkit
This will work as a lifesaver if the dryer shrunk your clothes a little too much. All you have to do is fill a bowl or sink with warm water, pour some Unshrinkit in it and soak your shrunken clothes in it. An instant lifesaver!


Shark Tank has been a show notorious for their product flops. Here are the ones that stayed afloat. Photo via Vimeo

4. Wicked Good Cupcakes
One of the most successful food companies on the show, Wicked Good Cupcakes was founded in Boston. The company makes freshly made cupcakes in jars, and one of their few retail locations is in the Faneuil Hall. Additionally, these jar cupcakes can be ordered and shipped to friends and family.

5. Buggy Beds
This simple and easy device can catch bed bugs in any dorm, apartment, car or hotel. All you have to do is stick the monitor underneath the mattress, and it will work around the clock to notify you if there are bed bugs.

6. Scrub Daddy
Quite possibly one of their most famous products, Scrub Daddy has made cleaning a lot easier. It works by getting firm in cold water and soft in warm water and can clean any cookware, appliance, dishes, etc. This cheap but lucrative sponge will definitely come in handy.

7. Rapid Ramen Cooker
Ramen is a college staple, and while we all know that there’s a big difference between microwaveable cup noodles and stove-top cooked ramen, a lot of us just do not have the time to make higher quality ramen. The Rapid Ramen Cooker works to give the taste of ramen cooked on the stove, in the microwave! This square cooking dish cooks ramen in three minutes in the microwave, and the company even has a college pack available online.

8. GoodHangups
Whether you are living in a dorm or renting an apartment, it is essential to make it feel like home. GoodHangups makes it easy to hang up any picture or art without damaging the piece or the wall. They function as magnetic stickers that can be placed anywhere and hang anything.

9. Afresheet
If you don’t have time to do laundry, Afresheet works as a disposable and comfortable alternative. The fitted sheet feels just like an actual one and is great when you are in desperate need of clean sheets or are having a friend over.

10. Squatty Potty
Last but not least, the Squatty Potty is most likely Shark Tank’s craziest product yet. Although it may seem cumbersome to stash one in your dorm, you can’t help but be curious about it. The purpose of the product is to fix people’s posture when using the restroom so that they have “the best poop of your life.” Even if you do not decide to buy one, be sure to check out the commercials for it.

  1. Can I just say “amen” to Squatty Potty at number 10 on this list? I’m not in college any more, and this product didn’t exist when I was. However, I perfectly remember my horrible diet which naturally led to periodic bouts with constipation. I now have a Squatty Potty and only wish I could have had one in college to help me with that problem. It would have been wonderful. College kids, get one. Like, now. If you are concerned about the size or storage, they make a travel version that folds up nicely. Either way, you won’t regret it.

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