Girls only: 5 lady-powered acts you should know


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Este, Danielle and Alana Haim harmonize in alto tones over guitar riffs and bass pulses  — a pretty rad sister trio. They grew up in a musical family in Los Angeles, and began performing together as HAIM in 2007. HAIM earned a “Best New Artist” nomination for the 57th Grammy Awards in 2015. They have been working on a second album to follow up the successful first release of “Days Are Gone,” which includes hits like “The Wire” and “Don’t Save Me.”

2. FKA Twigs

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FKA Twigs’ music, music videos, clothing style and overall aura are unafraid to make statements. FKA Twigs was, born Tahliah Debrett Barnett in South England, began her career as a backup dancer after moving to South London at age 17.  She flexes her creative prowess in everything she produces. Her voice quivers and chants in ethereal pitches. Music videos feature her suspended from the ceiling by braided ropes, watching a man facing the death penalty and staring wide-eyed into the camera. Those arresting scenes combined with her dancing skills make it hard to look away. Introduce yourself to FKA Twigs with “Water Me,” “Two Weeks,” “Pendulum” and “Video Girl.”

3. Joseph

Joseph is another sister trio, but with an Americana folk-rock sound. Natalie convinced her sisters, Meegan and Allison, to add their vocals to a project, and from there Joseph was born. The Oregon trio has since performed on “The Tonight Show” and has performed for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. It’s rare to listen to Emerson’s 88.9 without hearing “White Flag.” “SOS” and bluesy “Cloudline” from their first album, “Native Dreamer Kin” also deserve mentions.

4. Mapei

Mapei was first introduced to the music scene as a rapper on “Cocoa Butter Diaries” in 2009, but soon stalled creatively. After traveling and deciding to give singing a shot, she broke through with “Don’t Wait” in 2013. That single has since been remixed numerous times, with one version featuring Chance the Rapper. Her latest album, “Hey Hey” features more of her rich vocals.

5. LP

LP is the first woman to be a Martin ambassador, as in the renowned C. F. Martin & Co. guitar makers. She might also be the only Martin ambassador to rock a ukulele. LP wears her hair wild and curly, sports a ship tattoo on her chest and her music is equally unabashed. LP croons and belts with her gravelly voice, making interesting juxtaposition when husky meets vibrato. Check out “Lost on You,” “Muddy Waters” and “Tokyo Sunrise.”