A new semester can be challenging for many students, but it’s important to remember that everyone feels a little overwhelmed after a month-long break. A new semester is an exciting time to get to know new professors, make new friends and make the most of your classes. Here are some tips to get off to a great start this semester:

1. Find a study buddy.

Nothing calms you down more than knowing that someone else is going through the same studying struggles you are. A study buddy doesn’t have to be from your class, or even in the same school as you. Your study buddy just needs to make you feel at ease. Half the battle is learning to enjoy what you’re doing and nothing is more enjoyable than working with someone you like.

2. Print out your syllabus and highlight as you go.

It can be really easy to look at Blackboard and feel like you’ll never be able to keep track of all your assignments. It’s easy to lose things when they aren’t all in the same place. Printing things out makes them easy to follow. As you complete tasks on your syllabus, you can highlight what you have and haven’t done, making for an organized system and then reveling in the success of getting your work done on time.

3. Make a daily schedule for yourself.

If you’re like me, printed syllabi is hanging on a cork board in your room. When you go out of your room to do work, it can be easy to forget what you were supposed to do. Having a planner and writing down specific daily tasks help you make sure all your work is complete and allow for the satisfaction of crossing things off your list. 

Spring semester can bring about a lot of studying stress, but it doesn't have to be a painful time. Photo via Flickr user UBC

Spring semester can bring about a lot of studying stress, but it doesn’t have to be a painful time. Photo via Flickr user UBC

4. Start taking advantage of time between class.

Schedules tend to have gaps that range from 15 minutes to four hours in between classes. This time can be used to accomplish small tasks or chip away at bigger assignments. Every second can help you clear your schedule for later in the day, whether you want to make it to your club meeting, team practice or whatever various activities Boston University offers.

5. Take a few minutes to breathe every day and remember you’re a star.
As cheesy as this seems, taking a little bit of time for yourself everyday really helps. Sometimes all you need to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember you are a capable person at a great school that can, and will, accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Your four years at BU will be great, so don’t let the work get to you. We are all ready to take on whatever challenges come our way because we are a community of strong Terriers. Hopefully these steps can remind you of that as you face all of your assignments.