With spring semester starting, students are already heading to the library to study, and the transition from holiday break to homework and tests is stressful enough as it is. While academics are definitely stress-inducing, getting your lunch or daily dose of caffeine does not. Here are a few pieces of advice about eating at BU that will (hopefully) make your life as a student a little easier.

1) Hit up the dining hall from 5-6 for dinner.
Based on personal observation, every dining hall experiences dinner rush hour around 7 p.m. Not only do long lines start to form for seemingly every dish, but tables get scarce as well. Even if you do not plan on eating until later, getting there a bit early will definitely save you the hassle.
2) Look elsewhere for your caffeine boost.
We all know that the GSU Starbucks and the Starbucks at Warren Towers gets crazy busy, and there always seems to be a line. If you are looking for a straight-up caffeine boost and do not care about the latest latte craze, definitely check out the self-service coffee station at City Convenience. There is one inside the GSU, one near the Yawkey Center and one near Warren Towers. The station that serves Dunkin’ Donuts coffee has three options: light roast, dark roast and their original roast. In addition, there are flavored syrups, milk, cream and sugar that you can add.
3) Beat the GSU lunch rush.
Similar to the dining halls, the GSU gets busy really quickly. First and foremost, claim a seat before you get your food. Otherwise you will end up circling the seating area several times with food in your hands and no where to eat it. Always check the seats near Starbucks or Pinkberry, even if you did not purchase food from there. For lunch, the best time to get there is slightly before 11 a.m. Even if you want to eat later, claim your table and wait it out.
4) Using the soft-serve machine to its fullest.
The soft-serve machine is one of the best perks of the dining halls. It is always there and running, and can be creatively used to satisfy your sweet tooth. In case you have not tried making an ice cream sandwich, I recommend taking two cookies and sticking them in the toaster (not the microwave) beforehand to make them really warm. Add some ice cream and you are set. Secondly, grab a water glass and scoop in some vanilla ice cream. Next, simply add root beer, coke or whichever soda of your choosing. Finally, consider adding Rice Krispies or another cereal as a topping to change it up.
5) Best places to actually get work done while enjoying a meal.
If you like to multitask and want to get a head start on homework while enjoying a meal, there are a few prime study spots you should check out. Out of the three dining halls, Warren is definitely the least motivating place to study at. The layout makes it hard to find somewhere quiet and, chances are, you will run into friends. Marciano has more spots for some quiet time. Grab a table somewhere in the back corners or near the entrance on the first floor, next to the windows. The GSU will get noisy once there are a lot of people, so unless you go at a slower time, maybe eat first and then go to Mugar Library. West is by far the best place to study. Simply walk to the very back, right next to the salad bar and the ambience will automatically change into a spot where you can truly focus.