If 2016 was a disappointing year for you, you’re not alone. The election has brought a lot of people down and no one really knows where American politics are heading. If there’s one thing that can make you feel better about 2016, it’s “Saturday Night Live.” The late-night show has systematically been able to poke fun at the election and make people smile, even temporarily, when it came to this year’s election. Below are a few hand-picked skits of the year that successfully poked fun at the candidates and got way too real for this crazy and unpredictable year.

1. Bringing it Back

“Abilify for Candidates” married classic elements of an “SNL” skit with the harsh reality of the earlier, and perhaps more innocent days, of the 2016 election. This skit came out in October of 2015 and had already hit the nail on the head about what this election was about: anyone can run for president. In hindsight and after watching the skit again, maybe we should have seen this conclusion coming.

2. America’s Favorite Grandpa

In the midst of the feistiness of the past few months, Bernie Sanders seemed to be forgotten, even though he was the root of so many millennials’ political enthusiasm. To parody Sanders, who would have been better than his borderline-doppelgänger Larry David? The portrayal was hilarious and very grandpa-esque, combining both realistic elements of the passionate campaign and ridiculous jokes to distract you from a more gruesome reality.

3. Cold (Open) Wars

The debate parodies were comedy art to begin with, and Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon didn’t have to do much differently from the actual debates, for example, Donald Trump stalking Hillary Clinton on the stage. The third debate had some memorable zingers, particularly McKinnon/Clinton’s “me, a woman who has had a child and has taken birth control, and he, a man who is a child, and whose face is birth control” comment.

4. Unwatchable! Totally Biased! Not Funny

“SNL” didn’t stop the political skits after the election; the show went even further. Here, Trump is portrayed as a Twitter maniac whose actions need to be explained by campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (McKinnon). “Classroom Cold Open” caught a lot of attention, particularly because of Trump’s first critical tweet of the show post-election, which ironically mirrored past tweets that were poked fun at throughout the election.

Alec Baldwin pulls off a convincing Donald Trump in a majority of the SNL election skits. photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Alec Baldwin pulls off a convincing Donald Trump in a majority of the SNL election skits. photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

5. Into the Woods

Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile post-election, but there have been numerous sightings in the past month of Clinton channeling her inner zen. “SNL” did not shy away from poking fun at Clinton, who was seen hiking in the woods after the election. Ironically, the most normal part of this election, Hillary doing normal things like taking walks and going to small bookstores to clear her mind, has been made into one of the funniest skits of this “SNL” season.