Ever since I started watching “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” I have been amazed by Oliver’s ability to speak about touchy subjects in such an effortless and effective way. After the 2016 presidential election, many of his episodes focused on bringing light to the otherwise serious and scary situation for millions of Americans. Oliver has been vital to the healing of many Americans across the country over the past month. Here are a few of my favorite segments from Oliver’s show that you should most definitely check out over winter break.

1. Regifting

This one is always extra funny around the holiday season, especially for those of you that have a hard time picking out gifts for people. In this clip, Oliver shares his tips and tricks to making sure you can regift presents effectively and without the other person realizing your intentions.

2. Mental Health

Something I’ve always loved about Oliver is his ability to talk about topics that are heavier, and how he can find a way to make them seem somewhat lighter. In this episode, he talks about mainstream media’s inability to portray mental health effectively and accurately, and why this is a problem.

3. Sex Education

There is no worse conversation to have with parents or teachers than the sex talk. During this episode, Oliver jokes about the dreaded conversations we all had when we were growing up and learning about sex and puberty. He highlights how parents have changed their methods over the years, and he even shows clips from about 30 years ago in sex-ed videos. Needless to say, it is hilarious!

John Oliver stars in "Last Week Tonight," a talk show that brought laughter and stress relief after the 2016 election. photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

John Oliver stars in “Last Week Tonight,” a talk show that brought laughter and stress relief after the 2016 election. photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

4. Trump University

It would be impossible to talk about “Last Week Tonight” without including at least one election-related clip. This is his most recent episode, and he takes a comedic route on criticizing President-elect Donald Trump for his complete failure of Trump University. This episode is one of many examples of Oliver’s takes against Trump.

5. Back to School

After winter break, most of us will not be looking forward to getting back to the schoolwork we have during college. This video is tailored more toward high school students and middle school students. However, as a college student, this will give you nostalgia to your earlier school days.