With the semester coming to an end real soon, theres one major thing keeping us from rejoicing in going home for winter break: finals. This daunting week of horror brings out an overwhelming amount of stress in all of us, and many students dont know how to cope with this pressure in the best way. You might be questioning how youre ever supposed to get through your never-ending to-do list, so here are some tips on how to survive the dreaded finals week:

1. Talk to people.

Whether its your professor, friend, roommate or study buddy, there are tons of people to seek comfort in when youre losing the motivation to keep going. Your peers are there not only to provide emotional support in times of heavy stress, but also as resources for help. If youre anxious about an upcoming exam, never hesitate to reach out to classmates and professors, who are more than willing to help you develop a better understanding of your studies. Now that its your last few weeks in these classes, take advantage of your resources to get the grade you worked so hard for.

2. Exercise.

With the weather starting to become chillier as winter sets in, many people might use this as an excuse to stay in. Why not push yourself to move around and stay active, especially when youre in dire need of that long-awaited break from your studies? Rather than using your time to snack on chips and candy, go to the gym instead. Letting out your frustration and stress through physical activity is one of the best ways to refresh and stay healthy through these tough times.

3. De-clutter.

In the midst of these final weeks of the semester, not only will you have textbooks, papers and pens strewn everywhere, but you may also have already made a mess in your room while packing up for

Exercising and listening to Christmas music will help you alleviate finals stress and reach the finish line to winter break. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER COLLEGE DEGREES 360.

Exercising and listening to Christmas music will help you alleviate finals stress and reach the finish line to winter break. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER COLLEGE DEGREES 360.

home. Its easy to let all these things quickly pile up, distracting you from your studies and your academic goals. Studying in this type of environment can be counter-productive, which is the last thing you want when youre in a time crunch. By keeping your workspace clean, you can have a clearer mind, allowing you to work more efficiently and ace those finals.

4. Take a study break and listen to some Christmas music.

Especially with finals week so close to the holiday season, whats better than jamming out to some seasonal tunes in between study sessions? Dont worry now that its December, its finally socially acceptable to be listening to your favorite Christmas playlists on Spotify. This simple but enjoyable pause from studying is sure to help you de-stress in times when you feel like youre drowning in work.

5. Think about how close you are to winter break.

After your dreaded last exam, imagine the freedom youll be experiencing as you turn in that blue book. Now theres nothing left to separate you from going back home to your loved ones for a full month of relaxation and fun times. Just think about it: if you do well on these last few exams, how amazing will it feel to end the semester on a strong note? By keeping this in mind, not only will you have stronger motivation to get through finals week, but also a central goal keeping you focused while you study.