We’ve all watched the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and then we decided we were going to eat one meal a day or rabbit food until we achieved bodies like the Angels. The show successfully killed off any ounce of self-esteem we had left, using only one hour of airtime to show us what it means to be “perfect.”

But that’s not how we should view the VS Fashion Show. Sure, the Angels are dazzling in their beauty and seemingly divine in their lives, but they’re people just like we are. I’ve been watching the VS Fashion Show for the past four years, and every year I find myself not as self-deprecating as the year before. Here are five reasons that keep me happy after the show is complete:

1. It’s not just underwear, it’s art.

The VS Fashion Show is, first and foremost, a fashion show. It is created for the world to enjoy, and the women are paid to model exceptional products. The VS Fashion Show team puts in an unbelievable amount of effort to create these one-of-a-kind costumes. Every feather on every wing is sewn on individually, every diamond is hand-placed on the multimillion-dollar Fantasy Bra, the lace on every piece of lingerie is deliberately cut and molded to create the perfect fit. The team generates new themes every year and the show always comes together magnificently. The show accentuates the art of lingerie, but with added details like customized wings and extraordinary costumes.

2. Girl power.

The feelings of love and admiration between the models are heartwarming — they all look out for one another and love one another for their similarities and differences. This is an example we can always follow. There is such an amazing sense of family between the models as well. Some of the models go from not having any real-life sisters to having more sisters than two hands can count. It takes the cooperation of these fabulous women to be able to pull off a successful show, and they know how to drive that home and make the rest of the world beg for an encore year after year. That’s the beauty of the VS Angel family.

Jasmine Tookes wears the Fantasy Bra at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Jasmine Tookes wears the Fantasy Bra at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

3. It was filmed in Paris.

Paris is the city of love and splendid art. What better place to film a fashion show for the most renowned lingerie brand in the world? The city’s exquisite architecture calls for breathtakingly beautiful and dramatic commercials between performances. Paris is the perfect muse, and the different shots of the city taken by the film crew are enough to inspire me to whisk away to Paris for a weekend and start planning my itinerary now.

4. Fantastic music and great vibes.

This year called for another great set of performers; each artist was completely unique, yet those differences combined to create the perfect set list for the show. I couldn’t pick a personal favorite if I tried. Bruno Mars rocked the house with his classy, fun-loving band, fur coat and genuine smile. Then there was The Weeknd, with his not-so-subtle flirting with all of the models, and their not-so-subtle flirting back. If that’s not a dream for the rest of us, he was also somehow able to remember the words to his own song, which is something I’m not sure I could ever do if a VS Angel were to look me in the eyes. Last, but certainly not least, the queen herself, Lady Gaga, wooed us all with her multiple outfit changes on the runway, her absolutely insane eight-inch heels and the fact that she’s totally a contemporary rock star.

5. The VS Fashion Show is simply fun.

Fashion Week, whether it be Paris, London or New York, generally hosts a very solemn atmosphere. The models are straight-faced, the designs are eccentric and the air is full of tension. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, on the other hand, provides a stark contrast to the fashion weeks of the world: it is exciting, energetic and fun for both the models and the audience! The women are allowed to dance around and let their personalities shine through as they strut confidently down the catwalk. They’re always genuinely happy and full of radiant smiles, and that’s enough to make anyone smile in return.

In her own words, Lady Gaga said it best: “I feel welcome into the Angel family as a unique and more rebel type of Angel.” Just because the models are Angels doesn’t mean we’re not. We’re all Angels in our own way, and that’s the beauty of humanity.