With the strong winds and gray skies, we can all feel that winter is approaching. While this does mean we are that much closer to Christmas break and having fun over the holidays, it can also have alternative effects on our moods. Seasonal depression is when your mood suddenly changes with the seasons, most typically when transitioning to colder seasons. However, there are a ton of ways to combat this and change your mindset completely as we enter the winter season and battle finals before Christmas break:

1. Creating light

Since waking up to gray skies may instantly trigger some negative vibes, another option is to invest in a dawn simulator or simply flip on a few switches. Devices like a dawn simulator typically function as an alarm clock and mimic the rise of the sun. This way, you will wake up to the light of a sunrise, even if you have to plug it in beforehand.

2. Day trips

The hardest part of seasonal depression is garnering the strength to actually leave your room and face the world. Once you get past this step and go outside, however, your mindset will change. A good tip is

Waking up to a playlist of your favorite tunes will get you in the right mood to start off the day. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

Waking up to a playlist of your favorite tunes will get you in the right mood to start off the day. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

to physically schedule something, preferably with a friend or two. That way, you will be forced to get ready and meet at a certain time.

3. Light exercise

While this may be the last thing you want to do, light to moderate exercise can really help release some endorphins and perk up your mood. Activities such as hiking, walking and yoga will really relax you and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Meditation is also another alternative if you’re not feeling like doing anything too intense that day. Simply take a few moments of quiet for yourself.

4. Focus on the positive

While sunlight will definitely be few to none in the approaching months, focus on the excitement of the holidays and how once finals are done, you’ll be able to finally relax and spend time with family and friends. Also, I can’t be the only one excited for all the food and festivities of the holiday season. Look forward to gift-giving, Christmas dinner and all the other great things in your life.

5. Aromatherapy

It is scientifically proven that scented things, more specifically essential oils, can do wonders for your mood. There are a wide range of different effects and benefits. Scents such as spearmint, rosemary and bergamot can help energize and motivate you. Jasmine and frankincense can help when you are going through troubled or stressful times, and lavender or chamomile can bring peace and a calm mindset, especially when you need some shut-eye.

6. Good tunes

Music has the ability to alter our moods as well, and with the right songs you may find the winter months not so bad. Look for upbeat or empowering songs that really motivate you. Maybe instead of instantly opting for those morning scans of social media, you can put on some earphones and hit up Pandora or Spotify. An even better idea would be to generate a playlist of songs and then just blast them as you get ready in the morning.