The holiday season is here, which means pretty lights, decorations and red Starbucks cups galore. However, it’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the holiday season. We just need to take a collective breath and remember some things we often forget to celebrate. Here are five great things about the holidays that people tend to forget about:

1. Sometimes the perfect present is just showing that you care. We all stress about what to get our family members, friends and significant others, but maybe the most important thing is that you care enough to even pick out a present. It’s so easy to just pick something, maybe even something a little more expensive. But it’s not the money that matters, it’s the thought. While a cliché, it still rings true.

2. Not everything needs to be perfect. Thanksgiving dinner, ugly sweater parties and more seem to require a lot of cooking, the perfect outfit and the stress of answering your family members’ questions about every single life detail. It’s important to realize that the people surrounding you during these times love and care about you. Nothing matters more than spending time with those around you, especially those who you maybe don’t see as much, and really appreciating what those relationships mean. 

Don't forget about what's important this holiday season. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Don’t forget about what’s important this holiday season. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

3. Decorating with the people you love.  In my family, decorating the tree is a big deal. We go to the farm, pick it out, put it up and decorate it with diligence. I’m guilty (as is my mom) of trying to find the perfect tree, the perfect ornaments and the perfect lighting arrangements. Yet, it seems that the act of these things is what we overlook the most. The holiday season shouldn’t be about additional stress, but about having a happy and stress-free time with the family.

4. The little traditions that we’ve had since we were little. Those quirky things that your family does every year, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether it’s your sister melting candy canes into hot chocolate or watching the same Christmas movie over and over again, upholding traditions might be the best way to bring your family together. Sometimes you also forget to call your mom, so make your time at home over break count to make up for that.

5. Cuddling up and appreciating who you’re with. Show your parents that you’re happy to be home by spending some time with them. The same goes for your friends. Getting caught up in the busy-ness of school happens to the best of us. So this winter break, be sure to let those you care about know you were thinking of them. Nothing’s better than seeing those we can’t see during the school year.

I hope everyone has a great break, and that we all keep just a few of these things in mind as we go about the hustle and bustle of finals, buying presents and traveling. Some of the greatest things about the holidays can be appreciated if we just look around and take in everything magical about this time of the year.