I may or may not have had a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving break. I am thankful for Friendsgiving, amazing food and great memories, but I’m also super thankful that people are back on campus now. Here’s my Thanksgiving break play-by-play:

Day 1: Where have the natives gone? (Wednesday, Nov. 23)

The first day of break is always the same for me. Falling asleep early, waking up late and catching up on all that missed sleep. But waking up is eerily quiet. The front door is locked for the first time in months. No roommates are running around the apartment. The bathroom isn’t fogged up from three other people already using it that morning. No smell of hazelnut coffee wafting into my room from the kitchen coffeemaker. I walk to Starbucks and oddly there’s no line. There’s also no crowding on the T because it’s 9 a.m. and students and young professionals alike are trying to go east. The quiet is unsettling at first, but it gradually becomes a pleasant convenience.

Day 2: Thanksgiving — let’s feast! (Thursday, Nov. 24)

It’s Thanksgiving. Campus is still dead, but now it’s time for food. Since barely anyone is left, it’s clearly a day to go to a movie for the first time in months. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a

Spending Thanksgiving on campus isn't as bad as it seems. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Spending Thanksgiving on campus isn’t as bad as it seems. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

wonderful way to start off the day. Alright, it’s 3 p.m. and I’m officially starving. The perk of having friends that stayed on campus is that you get to host a fun Friendsgiving. Four Cornish hens, some turkey, a lot of potatoes, hours of football and bonding with friends. Two food comas later, the night is winding down and it’s definitely the right time to sleep for hours.

Day 3: Black Friday? Not for all of us. (Friday, Nov. 25)

I decide to hide in my apartment, refusing to face the crazy people who will trample the elderly for 50 percent off a heinously ugly Christmas sweater. Nothing says “We just celebrated being thankful” quite like aggressively fighting to buy massive amounts of things we don’t truly need. I watch the Snapchat stories of my friends raiding malls at 4 a.m. from the warmth of my bed at noon. Why go shopping when you can just go bowling with your friends later that night and continue being thankful for those wonderful people in your life?

Day 4: Where are my friends? (Saturday, Nov. 26)

I am officially lonely and bored now. The apartment is too quiet. There’s no Christmas music and pine-scented candles wafting out of my roommate’s room, and I officially miss it. After cleaning the floors twice and doing all the dishes, insanity may be creeping into my psyche. In the midst of my alone time, I decided to revamp my diet, go Paleo and work out more. Yup, officially losing it a little.

Day 5: Like a kid on Christmas, I’m so happy my people are back. (Sunday, Nov. 27)

Last day of being alone has made me so hyped for people to come back. I’m not a needy human being, but this was a rough adjustment from having all of my friends close to me. I may or may not have texted everyone to ask when they would be back, and I definitely picked up my roommate from the airport. I missed him, OK? The break was nice, but having my people back was nicer.